Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

WWE is overflowing with talent. Never in sports-entertainment history has there been such a diverse and deep pool of competitors, with everyone from Brock Lesnar to Gentleman Jack Gallagher sharing the same waters. On occasion, the appreciation for some Superstars can get lost in those depths. However, WWE.com is here to spread the wealth and shine the spotlight on who we believe to be the eight most underrated Superstars in WWE right now. Get eyes on them now. Thank us later.

The Miz

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

If there’s any reason that folks might dispute The Miz’s status as a top-tier Superstar, it’s that he never shuts up about how great he is. But denying the guy for stunting on his haters seems a tad petty, considering no Superstar made as many waves as The A-Lister over the past year. He robbed Zack Ryder of the Intercontinental Title, made himself one of, if not the, focal points of SmackDown LIVE, became a stealth scene-stealer on Total Divas with his wife, Maryse, and screamed in Daniel Bryan’s face on Talking Smack with such vitriol that The Beard straight up left the room.

If Team Blue is The House That AJ Styles Built, Miz was The Rug That Tied the Room Together, and Tuesdays haven’t been the same since he left. As a Raw Superstar, the former WWE Champion is facing an unlikely and long-shot path to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. To most, that just means there’s an outside chance The Beast Incarnate could send Miz to Suplex City. But the only thing more awesome than that would be if The A-Lister somehow managed to pull it off. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

American Alpha

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

When thinking of Superstars that embody the “Land of Opportunity” that SmackDown LIVE Commissioner Shane McMahon is cultivating on the blue brand, the well-oiled machine that is American Alpha immediately springs to mind. These days, though, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable often don’t get the recognition they’ve earned since their emergence on the Team Blue roster in the WWE Brand Extension Draft last summer. Despite Gable suffering an injury that waylaid the duo en route to the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, the pair persevered and won a Four Corners Elimination Match to snare the championships in December. Jordan & Gable kept the titles until March of this year when they were defeated by The Usos, but something tells us the ruthless brothers are only keeping the championships warm until American Alpha is “Ready, Willing and Gable” to reclaim them. — JAMES WORTMAN


Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

The “Four Horsewomen” revolutionized women’s wrestling in WWE. But before they ever main-evented a WWE event — before they even competed at an NXT TakeOver — Emma was raising the bar for female competition in NXT. She stretches opponents with innovative submissions and makes them writhe in pain with suplexes.

Unlike her four “Horsewomen” contemporaries, though, Emma has never received a one-on-one opportunity for a Women’s Championship in WWE. Her lone Divas Title Match was a Battle Royal. She’s overdue for the spotlight. The rest of the locker room should be afraid of what she does when she gets it. — JEFF LABOON

Cedric Alexander

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

In theatre, a staple of every great musical is an “I want” song. It’s a number that takes place early in the first act when the protagonist passionately shares their goal with the audience and gets the crowd on their side from that point forward. Cedric Alexander’s “I want” came against Kota Ibushi in the second round of last year’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

Seen as the firm underdog against tournament favorite Ibushi, Alexander put on an awe-inspiring performance that captivated both the WWE Universe and Triple H himself. Alexander was not victorious that night, but the crowd reaction was so passionate that fans literally chanted, “Please sign Cedric!” So, WWE did.

Injuries have delayed Alexander’s breakout since that night. The Charlotte, N.C. native has returned, however, and seems more than ready to strip away the “underrated” moniker and lift the curtain on an amazing second act that will absolutely leave the WWE Universe wanting more. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

Curtis Axel

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

Being an exceptionally gifted mat technician can be a double-edged sword, as Curtis Axel knows all too well. When wrestling at an elite level comes almost too naturally, too effortlessly, it can cause a Superstar’s talents to be taken for granted. It’s the sort of counterintuitive problem that legends like Dean Malenko and Lance Storm ran up against their entire careers, and the same holds true for WWE’s Ax Man.

As the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig, Axel has always had sports-entertainment in his blood, and it’s not that his innate skill has gone completely unnoticed. His ability is such that WWE management tapped Axel to help The Rock get into ring shape ahead of his 2011 return to WWE. Star-makers no less than Triple H and Paul Heyman have given him their endorsement. Despite those considerable stamps of approval, Axel has struggled to maintain a presence near the top of the card.

Still, given his pedigree and undeniable grit, something tells us Axel will find a way to shed the “underrated” label once and for all. And when he does, WWE’s main-eventers had better watch out. — JOHN CLAPP

Apollo Crews

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

There may not be a more physically gifted competitor on WWE’s roster than Apollo Crews. The Georgia native has an extraordinary combination of strength and speed that most Superstars can only envy. Yet, the physically gifted grappler has yet to win a championship or claim that big career-changing win that contemporaries like Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley and others have procured. Still, it’s only a matter of time before this rising Superstar lives up to his potential as a human highlight reel.

A new and exciting aspect of Crews’ journey is the addition of The Titus Brand to his corner. With the boisterous Titus O’Neil now backing Crews, the spotlight may soon be shining on this highly underrated talent. And when it does, there will be no underestimating Apollo Crews. — SCOTT TAYLOR

Liv Morgan

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

As one of many female Superstars standing in the shadow of NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, Liv Morgan might need to hustle a bit more to make a name for herself. She missed the window to test her mettle against The Four Horsewomen of NXT, then quickly fell in defeat in her one title opportunity against Asuka.

Yet, unlike many of her peers, Morgan knows what it’s like to go one-on-one with a dominant NXT Women’s Champion. She can stand her ground against two rivals at the same time, just as she’s had to do repeatedly in her battles with Peyton Royce & Billie Kay. Now, she’s fighting her way back into the main spotlight, competing against the likes of Royce & Kay as well as the now-injured Ember Moon.

She is doing everything to put herself in the right place in NXT. Now, she just needs to rise up at the right time to earn the respect and accolades that await this budding Superstar in the very near future. — MATTHEW ARTUS

Gran Metalik

Editors’ Choice: The 8 most underrated Superstars in WWE right now

There are few Superstars, if any, who can do what Gran Metalik does. The masked marvel from Mexico is a true daredevil in every sense of the word. Metalik has mastered the art of ropewalking, darting across the ring ropes like an acrobat, then using them as a springboard, launching himself into the air for dives that dazzle the WWE Universe. That notoriety earned him the nickname “El Rey de las Cuerdas” – The King of The Ropes.

Because of this skill, Gran Metalik can use the entire ring to his advantage. He’s crafted the most unique offense in all of sports-entertainment. But, because of the tough competition in Raw’s Cruiserweight Division, Metalik is still waiting in the wings for his chance to break out. Rest assured that when opportunity knocks for Gran Metalik, he’ll be ready to launch into action. — BOBBY MELOK

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