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Stone Mountain, Ga.

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Spinning Sit-out Powerbomb

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Apollo Crews

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United States Champion

Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews

Naming yourself after a Greek god sets one hell of a bar, but it’s fair to say Apollo Crews may well clear it when all is said and done.

With an Olympian's physique and agility, the hulking Crews combines the raw power of The Ultimate Warrior with the agility of a top cruiserweight, confounding opponents with a ground-and-pound game and a dizzying aerial attack. He was already the proverbial five-tool player when he went from the independent scene to WWE NXT, and his astounding record at Full Sail sent the Georgia native to the main WWE roster within a year of his debut.

Almost immediately after his move to Monday Night Raw in the 2017 Superstar Shake-up, Crews was courted by Titus O'Neil, who wanted to sign the budding young prodigy to Titus Worldwide. He soon accepted the offer to become the first Superstar to join the brand, and the move paid dividends for Apollo, who captured several impressive victories on Team Red and even main-evented Raw in a gutsy showing against Braun Strowman. Although he came up short against the behemoth, Apollo looked like a Superstar who was born for the bright lights of the main event.

Although Apollo moved to SmackDown for a period, he soon returned to Monday night as the result of draft picks that were about to expire. As his star has only continued to rise and he is once again a SmackDown Superstar after the 2020 WWE Draft, the WWE Universe will surely soon understand what the rest of the world already knew: That Crews' potential knows no limits, and it’s only a matter of time before he rests on the Mount Olympus of sports-entertainment.

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