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Las Vegas

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Shell Shocked; Meathook Clothesline

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Intercontinental Champion


Ryback: Bio


Crushing his opponents with palpable intensity, the 6-foot-3, 291-pound monster known as Ryback had the strength and focus of an android that was designed to annihilate.

Ryback approached every challenge with brute force and a no-nonsense demeanor that exuded supreme confidence in his abilities. Operating under the mantra of “start full, finish empty,” he didn’t just possess the skills to destroy a rival at any time. He carried himself as if that result was never in doubt and prepared himself immediately for an encore, hence his famous war cry of “Feed Me More.”

The behemoth proved his intimidating presence can make any competitor back down, from formidable toughmen like Mark Henry to living legends like John Cena. In 2015, after battling his way through WWE for three years, The Big Guy defeated five other competitors in an Elimination Chamber Match to earn his first title, the Intercontinental Championship. 

One only needed to observe how Ryback’s fellow Superstars studied him to understand his ruthless reputation. They stared in awe as if they were watching disaster footage, looking on in shock as Ryback’s ferocity both impressed them and left them wary of becoming his next meal.

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