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Worcester, Mass.

Dijak: Bio


A hard justice has come to NXT. Feast your eyes on Dijak, the imposing tower of power who plans to make the entire NXT Universe take notice.

With a tireless work ethic that was instilled in him early in life, Dijak excelled in sports throughout high school and college, particularly football and basketball. He found his true calling, however, when he set his sights on the squared circle, an arena that lends itself perfectly to his combination of bad attitude, keen intellect and unreal physical attributes. It wasn’t long after he began tearing through competition on the independent scene that NXT came calling and Dijak was recruited into the WWE Performance Center.

Dijak is dangerously disciplined and methodical when it comes to thrashing the competition. He has the tools to overpower, outlast and even outfly opponents, so how he obtains victory is anybody’s guess but his. Get ready for an eyeful.

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