Ariya Daivari: Bio

Ariya Daivari

Since its inception, there has been one constant on 205 Live: Ariya Daivari touting his own greatness.

Never shy about flaunting his money or looking down his nose at his fellow Cruiserweights, Daivari has engaged in memorable rivalries on the purple brand, colliding with the likes of Tony Nese, The Lucha House Party and Cedric Alexander.

Despite his arrogance, Daivari tends to back up his words more often than not, as he has frequently put $10,000 of his own money on the line against local competitors in Daivari’s Dinero Division, and he has yet to taste defeat while doing so.

The Persian Lion is firmly of the belief that his seniority entitles him to adulation and opportunities on 205 Live, and while he has yet to capture the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, it might only be a matter of time. After all, history has shown us that Daivari is more than willing to use questionable tactics to get what he wants.

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