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Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

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American Alpha def. NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival

WWE Network: American Alpha celebrates after capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

The dynamic team of Jason Jordan & Chad Gable overcome The Revival to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

DALLAS — What began months ago as a reluctant alliance blossomed into the newest NXT Tag Team Champions at TakeOver: Dallas. American Alpha, Jason Jordan & Chad Gable, reached a new pinnacle during the biggest weekend in WWE history, defeating The Revival to capture NXT’s tandem titles in the thrilling opener of NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

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True to fashion, defending champions Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson entered the contest with the composure one would expect from the pair of grizzled throwbacks ... that is, until Gable outwrestled Dawson in the early goings, frustrating the champions and bringing all four competitors into the ring. Jordan & Gable employed several double-team attacks, including double backdrops, dropkicks and German suplexes, which brought the capacity crowd in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to its feet.

The Revival eventually took over, using quick tags to prevent the Olympian from tagging in Jordan. Once Gable broke free, however, Jordan unleashed on the champions, throwing Wilder high in the air and launching Dawson with a capture suplex. Despite The Revival’s attempts to cheat their way to victory, the scary strong Jordan would not be pinned. He persevered long enough to tag in Gable, who traded near falls with Dawson before bringing Jordan back into action. Jordan continued brawling with Dawson and, after a clever tag behind Dawson’s back, American Alpha raised the unsuspecting Dawson for Grand Amplitude to win the match and the NXT Tag Team Championship.


Austin Aries def. Baron Corbin

WWE Network: Austin Aries makes his NXT debut against Baron Corbin: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

The Lone Wolf goes head-to-head with the "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived."

NFL bruiser-turned-NXT standout Baron Corbin claimed not to respect any so-called “indie darling.” After facing one such darling, the debuting Austin Aries, at TakeOver: Dallas, The Lone Wolf’s tune might change.

Entering the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to a thunderous ovation, Aries showed no fear against his much larger competitor, going after Corbin’s knees and even throwing caution to the wind with a double axe-handle from the top rope to the floor. Upon reentering the ring, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived was immediately hung out to dry on the top rope. Corbin continued his assault, thumping Aries with big boots, and putting all his weight on Aries as he applied a nerve hold to his trapezius.

Exclusive video: Austin Aries is here to stay

Not to be outshone in his first match in NXT, Aries fired back with chops and clubbing forearms. He delivered a missile dropkick and raced into a suicide dive between the bottom and middle ropes. With the action spilling onto the floor, Corbin retook the advantage when he hit Aries with a Deep-Six. Aries narrowly beat the referee’s count back into the ring and brazenly dared Corbin to bring on the fight, visibly angering The Lone Wolf. Corbin pounced and went for End of Days, but Aries slipped through and rolled up his opponent for the pin, securing his first victory in NXT!


Kota Ibushi shows up at NXT TakeOver: Dallas

NXT TakeOver: Dallas had no shortage of action inside the ring, but there also was plenty of intrigue beyond the ropes. During the live WWE Network event, Kota Ibushi was seen sitting amongst the capacity crowd of NXT fans. Is the Japanese Superstar the next highly-acclaimed competitor to bring his talents to NXT? Let the speculation begin.

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The decorated grappler could have been taking in another action-packed NXT TakeOver, like the thousands of other fans in attendance at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. However, there’s also the possibility that he's scouting his future competition. If it’s indeed the latter, who in NXT might Ibushi have his sights set on? Does the man they call "Golden Star" have plans to enter his name into the recently announced Global Cruiserweight Series? What dream matchups could be in store for Ibushi?

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Shinsuke Nakamura def. Sami Zayn

WWE Network: Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn show each other tremendous respect: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

NXT's new international sensation and Sami Zayn shake hands after earning each other's respect in an incredible match.

Stepping inside the ropes of NXT for the first time, Shinsuke Nakamura laid to rest any fear that the many accolades hoisted upon him were exaggerated.

As the NXT Universe showered him with chants of “Nakamura,” NXT’s newest Superstar made a hero’s entrance, while his popular opponent, Sami Zayn — seemingly contemplating what the match would mean for his hard-fought legacy in NXT — sat stoically in the corner. Once the bell rang, the two warriors embarked on a feeling-out process, trading holds as the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center exploded into dueling chants of “Nakamura” and “Sami Zayn.”

Quickly, Nakamura’s Strong Style pedigree shone through as he battered Zayn with hard knees to the midsection and boots to the face. Zayn fought back, diving over the ropes onto Nakamura on the floor, then drilling him with a brutal Michinoku Driver back inside the ring. Once both Superstars were back on their feet, they began trading forearm strikes, one of which drew blood from the nose of Nakamura. Zayn downed his foe with a hard clothesline, but was soon caught in a cross armbreaker, which Nakamura transitioned into a Shining Triangle hold.

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The leader of the Zayniacs withstood the punishment, escaped and even managed to lock Nakamura in the Koji Clutch. He misstepped moments later, however, when he went for a DDT through the turnbuckles, only for Nakamura to rock him with a kick to the head. After a fiery exchange that prompted the NXT fans to chant “Fight forever,” The King of Strong Style evaded Zayn’s exploder suplex into the corner and flew off the top rope with a vicious knee to the back of Zayn’s head. Seconds later, he followed up with the Kinshasa knee strike, named after the city in Zaire where George Forman and Muhammad Ali’s famous Rumble in the Jungle took place, and pinned NXT’s longtime ace.

With the all-important win, Nakamura began a fresh chapter in his remarkable 14-year career and earned the respect of the NXT Universe. As the sold-out crowd applauded both competitors, Nakamura shook Zayn’s hand and left the ring to his opponent, who took in the adulation of the NXT Universe ... possibly for the last time.


Asuka def. NXT Women's Champion Bayley

WWE Network: Asuka celebrates winning the NXT Women's Title from Bayley: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

The NXT Universe witnesses the rise of the new NXT Women's Champion.

The Empress of Tomorrow is the champion of today.

For 223 days, Bayley valiantly fought off every challenger who threatened to stop her NXT Women’s Championship reign. At NXT TakeOver: Dallas, however, the beloved standard-bearer of NXT’s women’s division ran into a destroyer named Asuka.

In this first-time match-up, both women were cautious at the start, trying to figure out their opposition. Asuka was the first to connect with a big assault, nailing Bayley with a hip attack. A second attempt at the hip attack, this time through the ropes, was well-scouted by Bayley, who dodged the move and then took control. The NXT Women’s Champion then battered Asuka with an elbow drop, a top-rope hurricanrana and a cross body block.

The Empress of Tomorrow shot back with sharp kicks, including one that visibly dazed Bayley, but Bayley returned fire, wrenching Asuka’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip. Bayley then sank in the same submission hold she used to make Sasha Banks tap out at TakeOver: Respect, yet Asuka escaped.

A subsequent Bayley-to-Belly attempt was blocked, and after nailing the champion with a spin kick, Asuka applied the Asuka Lock. Bayley tried desperately to save her title reign and reach the ropes, but was unable to do so. After a prolonged time in the hold, Bayley appeared to pass out, leaving the referee no choice but to signal for the bell.

As the NXT Universe processed the shocking turn of events, Asuka was awarded the NXT Women’s Title, ushering in a new era for NXT’s acclaimed division.


Bobby Roode shows up at NXT TakeOver: Dallas

As if the sight of Kota Ibushi at NXT TakeOver: Dallas wasn’t enough to get the rumor mill rolling, another highly acclaimed grappler was revealed amid a sea of NXT fans. Former World Champion Bobby Roode was shown watching the live WWE Network event very closely from his seat in the capacity crowd. But why was the veteran competitor at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas?

Just like with Ibushi, WWE.com can only speculate at the moment, but there are immediate thoughts of dream showdowns between Roode and the NXT roster’s elite. Perhaps Roode was just there to watch the hottest show in town. Or maybe he was there to scout potential future opponents. Going by the reaction of the NXT Universe when Roode was shown in attendance, fans were certainly excited by the prospect of the latter possibility.

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NXT Champion Finn Bálor def. Samoa Joe

WWE Network: Samoa Joe's showdown against Finn Bálor's reaches the top rope: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

The Demon and his tough No. 1 contender take their main event match to new heights.

The Demon came to Dallas for a war, and he survived to live another day with NXT’s top prize.

Decked out in full war paint and brandishing a roaring chainsaw, NXT Champion Finn Bálor approached the ring with the wild intensity of a madman for his clash against Samoa Joe. The instant the bell rang, the champion and challenger literally butted heads and collided with punches, setting the tone for the hard-hitting brawl, as Joe emerged from the dust-up with a laceration over his right eye.

Perhaps enraged by the sight of his own blood, Joe surged into attack mode, rushing Bálor to the floor and throwing the champion over the ringside barricade and into the NXT Universe. As Bálor recovered, medical personnel tended to Joe’s laceration, which only seemed to anger Joe further. The champion took advantage of the respite and launched back into the fight, springboarding off the barricade with a flying forearm.

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Back inside the ring, both Superstars traded blistering forearm strikes and kicks, but the 280-pound challenger got the better of it. Samoa Joe brutalized Bálor with a dive outside the ring and a uranage inside it. Sensing his title was in jeopardy, The Demon battled back, connecting with an enzuigiri, but Joe countered a Slingblade moments later into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Joe continued his assault, punishing Bálor with a powerbomb, Boston crab and crossface. An exhausted Bálor rolled through the submission hold and sprang into a double foot stomp onto Joe. As the champion scaled the turnbuckles for the Coup de Grace, Samoa Joe rebounded and trapped him in the Muscle Buster. Joe went for the pin, but Bálor kicked out at two-and-a-half, leaving Joe in disbelief as he stared at the Superstar he considered his prey.

The Demon regained his senses and dropped Joe with the Slingblade before finally landing the Coup de Grace. Instead of going for the pin, though, Bálor attempted the 1916 DDT, but Joe countered it into the Coquina Clutch as both competitors faced the turnbuckles. Displaying his great ring awareness, the champion wisely walked up the turnbuckles and flipped backward, pinning Joe’s shoulders to the canvas for a three-count.

NXT TakeOver: Dallas’ main event was hard-hitting, bloody and full of pulverizing attacks, but when the dust settled, The Demon still stood tall as champion.