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Tuesday, Mar 22 | 9/8 PMC

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Road to red-emption

Looks like Eva Marie may have spoken too soon when she attempted to form Red & Gold II. She and Mandy Rose take the idea to their NXT trainers on E!’s “Total Divas” and, while the idea isn’t shot down, nobody’s really nuts about it. Eva has established herself as a player in the NXT Women’s Division and pairing her up with a newbie might hurt the work that she’s put in so far. Eva’s NXT Women’s Title Match against Bayley only reaffirms her status as a solo sensation, and luckily, Mandy’s cool with tabling the tag team until she has more in-ring experience. Luckily for Mandy, this week isn’t all rejection as Natalya (somewhat impulsively) invites her and her entire family to join the upcoming Neidhart family vacation. Oops.

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Namaste, Bryan

Daniel Bryan is a very intense man, even when it comes to relaxing siestas meant to cleanse both body and soul. The Beard proves to rule relaxation with an iron fist when he schedules a weekend spiritual retreat for himself, Brie, Renee Young, Dean Ambrose, brother-in-law JJ and his wife, so even when everyone else just wants to relax at the hotel, Bryan insists on group meditation in a stupa instead. Brie & Co.’s insistence on more traditional relaxation sends Bryan off in a huff, but she’s able to bring him back down to earth in time to chill by the hotel pool.


Caught in the middle

As has been previously seen on “Total Divas,” Paige’s bond with her fans is unique among the ladies’ locker room. The Diva of Tomorrow takes her mentorship to a whole new level this week, however, when she agrees to help a fan come out to his family. Alicia Fox prudently points out that Paige is probably crossing a line or two by involving herself in this family’s business, but once the ball is set in motion, Paige has no choice but to commit. She brings Foxy along for the emotional ride and, thankfully, it all turns out OK. But whew, that was close.

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The Neidhart-Kidd-Rose family vacation is on. Surely it won’t get awkward. Right? Watch “Total Divas” Tuesday at 9/8 C on E!.