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Samir Singh







Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Signature Move

Top rope elbow drop

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24/7 Champion

Samir Singh

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Samir Singh

A champion on the indie scene alongside his brother, Sunil, Samir Singh has always had a knack for discovering the next big opportunity and pursuing it by any means necessary. His accomplishments landed him — and his sibling — in WWE Network's groundbreaking Cruiserweight Classic, and although neither of the Singh Brothers won the tournament, they quickly proved to be as opportunistic and enterprising as any Superstar who laced up a pair of boots.

The two brothers found themselves competing on the Cruiserweight-exclusive 205 Live show as well as WWE NXT, at least until they saw their biggest chance yet to shine on the brightest stage available and joined up with Jinder Mahal during The Modern Day Maharaja’s run to the WWE Championship. Not only were The Singh Brothers instrumental in helping Mahal win the coveted title, they proved to be crucial in his defense of it. Now, Samir Singh is once again proudly teaming with his brother on 205 Live — at least, until he decides he’s hungry for more.

Samir even earned his first title by pinning R-Truth in the backstage area during WWE Crown Jewel to become the 24/7 Champion!

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