Karrion Kross: Bio

Karrion Kross

Doomsday has come to NXT, and its name is Karrion Kross.

The sight of Kross’ physique – a hulking 6-foot-4, 265 pounds – and the unbridled intensity in his eyes is enough on its own to inspire fear in opponents. Consider also his unique combination of precision and abject ruthlessness, and it becomes clear that anyone stepping in the ring with Kross is in immediate danger.

A master of catch wrestling and sambo, Kross has done battle around the world. He boasts an array of devastating suplexes, including his dreaded Doomsday Saito, performed with reckless intent. And if that’s not enough, he’s more than happy to put opponents to sleep with the Kross Jacket.

Kross’ arrival on the black-and-gold brand did not come without warning. Broadcasting foreboding messages with apocalyptic imagery across the NXT airwaves for months, Kross finally made his first move by attacking one of NXT’s biggest outlaws: Tommaso Ciampa. And by rendering The Blackheart unseen for weeks with a vicious attack, Kross made a statement to the entire NXT roster before even stepping foot in the ring.

With the devilish Scarlett at Kross’ side, it’s hard to argue that the reckoning is undeniable for whomever else stands in his way. Because no matter where the time is told, in the end, everyone pays the toll. Tick tock.

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