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Ikemen Jiro






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Jacket Punch

Ikemen Jiro: Bio

Ikemen Jiro

How many Superstars in WWE history have made a habit of rocking a colorful jacket for the entirety of their matches? At least one.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Ikemen Jiro and his eccentricities, as the flashy young Cruiserweight routinely competed while smiling from ear to ear, easily gets under the skin of his opponents, and left rivals flustered by forcing them to chase him all over the ring.

The quicker-than-a-hiccup Jiro also dazzled the masses on the black-and-gold brand, where he competed in the second NXT Breakout Tournament, and his fun-loving attitude made him an extraordinarily popular Cruiserweight in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

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