NXT Level Up results: Sept. 22, 2023

Level Up

Ivy Nile def. Izzi Dame via Submission

Izzi Dame jumped right into the deep end for her third WWE match, clashing with the vicious Ivy Nile, who entered competition with a 16-1 record on WWE’s newest brand.

Dame got off to a strong start with a pair of scoop slams, though Nile quickly turned the tables and stunned her opponent with a lightning-quick takedown and a hard-hitting crossbody.

Despite an impressive showing in which she effectively targeted her foe’s knee, Dame perhaps talked a bit too much trash, as Nile appeared to go for a headscissors takedown before effortlessly transitioning into the dragon sleeper to force an immediate submission.

Luca Crusifino def. Ikemen Jiro

One of the NXT Arena’s most beloved competitors took on one of its most despised, as the fun-loving Ikemen Jiro clashed with the arrogant Luca Crusifino.

After flicking his business cards at the NXT Universe on his way to the ring, Crusifino was left frustrated when Jiro flaunted his multi-colored jacket and sent him flailing out of the ring with a knee to the face and a forearm strike.

Crusifino removed Jiro’s jacket to the disgust of the fans, threw the jacket over his opponent’s head and rolled him up for the three-count while also grabbing the tights.

Axiom def. Charlie Dempsey in an NXT Global Invitational Group A Match

Though Axiom and Charlie Dempsey were no longer in contention to win the NXT Global Invitational, pride and a statement victory were on the line during NXT Level Up’s hard-hitting main event.

Determined to keep the high-flying Axiom grounded, Dempsey briefly accomplished the feat, using a nasty backbreaker and a knee to the midsection.

After showing that he could go hold-for-hold with Dempsey, Axiom got back to his bread and butter, diving through the ropes to clobber him at ringside. Following a series of menacing strikes from each competitor, Axiom landed a breathtaking Spanish fly from the top rope followed by a decisive Golden Ratio.

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