Ricochet, Pete Dunne & The War Raiders vs. The Undisputed ERA (WarGames Match)

Ricochet, Pete Dunne & The War Raiders vs. The Undisputed ERA (WarGames Match)

The super-charged alliance of NXT North American Champion Ricochet, WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne and The War Raiders will unite to battle The Undisputed ERA inside one of the most dangerous battlefields in all sports-entertainment — WarGames — tonight at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.

NXT General Manager William Regal announced the colossal four-on-four clash after The BruiserWeight joined forces with Ricochet, Hanson & Rowe to repel Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly during a riotous melee on the Oct. 31 edition of WWE NXT. The unhinged brawl followed weeks of collisions between Ricochet, Dunne and The War Raiders and The Undisputed ERA — a byproduct of Cole’s pursuit of the North American Title (a campaign that ensnared Dunne) and Strong & O’Reilly’s efforts to prevent The War Raiders from becoming the NXT Tag Team Champions. The carnage left Regal no choice but to embed both squads inside WarGames.

An utterly unique and brutal affair, the WarGames Match premiered in 1987 and has seen the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Dusty Rhodes, Sting and Ric Flair do battle within its confines. After a nearly 20-year absence, WarGames made its harrowing return at last November’s TakeOver, and the NXT Universe hasn’t forgotten the destruction that came with it.

This year’s WarGames Match will be fought under the following rules:

  • The two teams will be contained in separate shark cages by the entranceway.
  • A member from each team is chosen to start the match.
  • Five minutes is put on the clock. When that time expires, a member from Undisputed ERA will enter the match.
  • Three minutes is then put on the clock. When that time expires, the next member from the team of Ricochet, Dunne & The War Raiders enters the match.
  • One member of each team will continue to enter the match in this pattern every three minutes until all eight Superstars have entered.
  • WarGames is officially sanctioned to be won once all the Superstars are in the match.
  • If anyone leaves the cage during the match, that Superstar’s team will automatically lose.
  • When someone is pinned or made to submit, WarGames is over.

Given the ruthless conditions of the match, it might be considered a miracle if either team is able to stand — let alone stand tall as the victors — when the dust settles in Los Angeles.

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