Undisputed ERA def. SAnitY & The Authors of Pain & Roderick Strong in a WarGames Match

Authors of Pain unleash carnage on everyone in sight: NXT TakeOver: WarGames (WWE Network Exclusive)

Akam & Rezar charge into battle and launch their opponents from one ring to the other: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

SAnitY spread chaos across two rings, and pain was pasted across the face of every competitor, but thanks to a late strike by Adam Cole, WarGames entered an Undisputed ERA.

The historic return of the WarGames Match, which made its comeback for the first time in 20 years, did not disappoint. The legendary match that features a massive steel cage surrounding two rings was every bit as chaotic, painful and shocking as it was billed.

With a winner being crowned via pinfall or submission only after all nine Superstars from the three teams are inside the cage, this was a war of resilience.

Eric Young, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong started the match before the five-minute mark, when the rest of Undisputed ERA got the call to exit their shark cage and enter the match.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly rushed to the ring, entering the massive steel structure to help Cole gang up on and beat down both Strong and Young.

After three minutes, The Authors of Pain were up next, as they came down to the cage and bull-rushed their way into the WarGames structure. Akam & Rezar proceeded to devastate Undisputed ERA and Young, delivering a painful assault on all four Superstars.

It was complete chaos as another three minutes passed, and SAnitY were released from their shark cage. The true carnage was about to begin, as the match had officially begun with all three teams now inside the gigantic steel cage surrounding the two rings.

Alexander Wolfe ran to the ring and came prepared with a nightstick, taking out everyone in his way. Before actually entering the cage, Killian Dain threw a treasure chest of insanity into the ring that included tables, garbage cans, Kendo sticks and steel chains. Then, The Beast of Belfast locked the cage door with one of the steel chains and literally ate the key!

With all nine Superstars now enclosed, all hell broke loose. Dain was particularly impressive, showing off his strength and agility and hitting a cross-body from the top rope onto a bevy of Superstars beneath him.

The match was in complete disorder as bodies continued to fly across both rings, and the NXT Universe watched in absolute shock at the brutality they were witnessing.

Just when the match seemingly reached its peak level of carnage, something even more insane would happen. Wolfe hit a massive blow to the team of The Authors of Pain & Strong when he took down Rezar with a brutal German suplex from the top rope, sending both men crashing through two tables, though the crazed member of SAnitY somehow got the worst of the fall.

At numerous times, Cole found himself on the verge of great danger, only to escape. Cole even climbed to the top of the cage, seemingly trying to get out, which would mean Undisputed ERA would forfeit the match.

The 300-plus pound Beast of Belfast put Cole’s true intentions to the test by getting the talented grappler’s attention before hitting an astonishing Coast-to-Coast through a steel garbage can on O’Reilly. With Cole still perched atop the cage, Strong climbed to the top. The two foes grappled before Strong hit a jaw-dropping suplex on Cole from the top of the cage onto a slew of Superstars below.

Amid the mayhem inside the ring, Strong put his arm over Cole, but still could only get a two-count. The war would continue with Superstars continuing to battle back-and-forth before Cole connected with a vicious Kendo stick strike to Young.

The dazed Young attempted to grab a steel chair, but it ended up going straight into his face via a Shining Wizard from Cole. With Superstars laying, damaged and beaten across two rings, the leader of Undisputed ERA proceeded to cover Young for victory.

Before this barbaric bout, Undisputed ERA warned their opponents that you do not start a war you cannot finish. Well, as the dust settles from the all-out war that just took place at WarGames, Cole, O’Reilly & Fish not only reigned supreme, but shocked the system in doing so.

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