WWE Main Event Results : Full Details


WWE Main Event results: Champions collide and The Bellas return to action!

Kane vs. Antonio Cesaro: WWE Main Event, March 27, 2013

Daniel Bryan tries to prevent AJ Lee from distracting Kane when the WWE Tag Team Champion Kane goes one-on-one with United States Champion Antonio Cesaro.

HERSHEY, Pa. — With less than two weeks until WrestleMania 29, WWE Main Event featured WWE Tag Team Champion Kane battling U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro, the debut of Brodus Clay and Tensai’s new tag team name and The Bella Twins’ return to in-ring action!

Kane def. Antonio Cesaro 

In less than two weeks at WrestleMania 29, Kane & Daniel Bryan defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against the untested duo of Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. In preparation for the battle, The Big Red Monster faced United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in the featured contest on WWE Main Event while Daniel Bryan joined The Miz and Michael Cole on commentary.

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As the contest wavered back and forth, AJ Lee skipped her way around the ring. No doubt wanting to distract The Big Red Monster, AJ was stopped in her tracks by Kane’s partner Bryan, who prevented the devilish Diva from further diverting his partner’s attention. Despite her best efforts, AJ was unable to dodge her former beau, allowing The Big Red Monster to focus his attention on the dangerous United States Champion and execute a Chokeslam on the Swiss-born Superstar to secure the victory.

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Brodus Clay & Tensai get a team name: WWE Main Event, March 27, 2013

Cameron & Naomi announce "Tons of Funk" as the new team for Brodus Clay & Tensai.

The Funkadactyls reveal the tag team name for Tensai & Brodus Clay

Before the Divas Tag Team action got underway, The Funkadactyls revealed Tensai and Brodus Clay’s tag team name — Tons of Funk. The revelation coincides with the announcement earlier in the afternoon on WWE.com that Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls will face The Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins in an Eight-Person Mixed Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 29. The announcement prompted the arrival of Tensai and Brodus Clay, who delighted the WWE Universe in Hershey by dancing their way to the ring.

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However, The Rhodes Scholars were not to be overshadowed — appearing on WWE Main Event and announcing the entrance of The Bellas. With the latest battle set for The Grandest Stage of Them All, The Bellas were ready to send a clear message to The Funkadactyls.

The Funkadactyls vs. The Bella Twins: WWE Main Event, March 27, 2013

The Funkadactyls take on the the duo known as The Bella Twins on WWE Main Event.

The Bella Twins def. The Funkadactyls

Since returning to WWE earlier in March, The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls have shared a mutual animosity that has erupted into a bitter rivalry. With each duo gaining the upper hand in attacks on Raw and SmackDown, the lovely Divas finally collided on WWE Main Event in a match that was also The Bellas’ return to in-ring action.

Naomi and Cameron have shown a great deal of chemistry as a tag team in recent weeks, but they faced their most daunting challenge in The Bellas, who are experienced veterans and both former Divas Champions.

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Despite the apparent advantage for The Bellas, The Funkadactyls welcomed the twin duo back to WWE with a fast-paced contest that was a partial preview of the coming battle on The Grandest Stage of Them All. A distraction from Cody Rhodes, though, allowed The Bellas to steal a victory and build momentum for their team as The Road to WrestleMania continues to approach its destination.