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Friday, Feb 11 | 10/9 PMC

WWE 205 Live Results : Quick Hits

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WWE 205 Live results: Feb. 11, 2022

Trick Williams def. Ikemen Jiro

For those in the WWE Universe that were clamoring to see Trick Williams back in action, the brash young Superstar certainly didn’t disappoint in his first match of 2022.

Tasked with maintaining his composure against the eccentric and fun-loving Ikemen Jiro, Williams found himself back on his heels in the early goings, particularly when Jiro out-grappled his larger adversary and staggered him with a barrage of Jacket Punches and an asai moonsault.

Williams, who cites Muhammad Ali as his inspiration and seems to enjoy trash talking just as much as the boxing legend once did, turned the tables by dropping Jiro face-first into the turnbuckle and leveling him with a swinging neckbreaker to seal the win.

Lash Legend def. Erica Yan via Submission

Lash Legend is back in her element.

After attempting to get on the same page as Amari Miller and then Fallon Henley in a couple of losing efforts while seeking a partner for the upcoming Dusty Cup, Legend wanted the spotlight to herself in a singles clash with Erica Yan, an energetic young Superstar who has been learning from fellow China native and SmackDown Superstar Xia Li.

Yan seemingly put “The Protector’s” teachings to good use when she shook off a barrage of stomps and a sidewalk slam to blister Legend with several right hands and a crossbody that yielded a two-count.

Legend, who controlled the majority of the match, got right back on track when she caught her airborne opponent and folded her like an accordion over her back to force a tapout.

Joe Gacy def. Xyon Quinn

Prior to his bout with hard-hitting striker Xyon Quinn, Joe Gacy grabbed the microphone and took sole credit for making 205 Live a more inclusive show before vowing that more change is coming.

Quinn had apparently heard enough, as he made his appearance and cut off Gacy’s address. Though his opponent was smiling from ear to ear and reaching out for a handshake and a hug at the sound of the opening bell, the no-nonsense Quinn rejected the invite and overwhelmed Gacy with lightning-quick punches, an elbow to the back of the neck and a ring-rattling suplex.

Gacy found himself in dire straits late in the match after absorbing an inverted atomic drop and a pair of elbows to the face, but Harland held on to Gacy’s arm when Quinn was attempting to drag him back to his feet. Harland’s intrusion gave Gacy the chance to pull Quinn throat-first into the ropes and blast him with his Handspring Lariat to notch the 1-2-3.