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Wednesday, Dec 20 | 9/8 PMC

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Wednesday, Dec 20 | 9/8 PMC

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Break up, then make up

Total Divas: Season 7, Episode 7

It’s the morning after the big blowup between Natalya and Lana on E!’s Total Divas, and the ladies are reeling in the cold light of day. Natalya doesn’t quite remember the specifics, only that she tossed Lana’s belongings off a cliff. Alexa Bliss tells Lana to grow up, Natalya sheepishly returns Lana’s things and The Ravishing Russian apologizes to the group at breakfast, though Natalya isn’t convinced Lana is being sincere and doesn’t know if she’s interested in remaining Lana’s friend. That is, until Lana goes cliff-diving and the sight of her risking her life for no particular reason reminds Natalya what good friends they are. Friendship restored.


A meaty bet

Maryse reluctantly agrees to eat one bite of meat to win a bet: Total Divas, Dec. 20, 2017

The Miz is left speechless after losing a bet to vegetarian wife Maryse.

Maryse is a strict vegetarian, and The Miz is not. This is not a huge problem, though it does lead to some entertaining spats between the two and a bet wherein Miz agrees to go vegetarian for one week if Maryse has only one bite of meat. Thinking there’s no way she’ll follow through on the terms, Miz orders her the juiciest steak he can find and is left speechless when she eats a bite of it, condemning him to seven days of meatless-ness. Maryse appears to back off when she buys Miz a burger, but it turns out to be a tofu-vegetable type of burger that Miz agrees tastes just as good as the real deal.


The comeback stalls

Brie Bella talks to Daniel Bryan about juggling motherhood and her career: Total Divas, Dec. 20, 2017

Brie Bella wonders how she can balance her WWE comeback and being a mom to Birdie.

Brie Bella is still eyeing a potential comeback in the ring, but her confidence is at a bit of a low point lately. She’s not entirely comfortable in her post-baby body, and an impromptu game of soccer leads her to realize that she has a long way to go before she has the cardio necessary to step into the ring. Daniel Bryan remains supportive, but Brie isn’t sure that her dreams will line up with reality — until Nia Jax gives her a much-needed pep talk to remind her of what she’s capable of and that being different isn’t exactly a bad thing. At the end of the episode, Birdiebee has its first display at a convention, and Brie realizes that her dreams are already coming true, and there’s no reason she can’t keep it going and have everything she wants.

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