SmackDown Superstars' Holiday Wish Lists

SmackDown Superstars' Holiday Wish Lists

The holidays are upon us and ‘tis the season for giving. As shown on SmackDown’s exhilarating live Holiday Special, the Superstars and Divas of WWE prefer to give out yuletide beat downs. But what gifts would they like to get? sat down with SmackDown Superstars, some naughty and some nice, to ask what’s on the holiday wish list of a Superstar or Diva. Who's feeling the holiday spirit and who's a grinch? Who wants a Slammy Award and who wants to crash a DiBiase Posse party? Read on to find out.


“For me, it’s not about personal stuff. I’d be happiest if every homeless dog could get a home, if every dog in a shelter could get adopted. And while Santa’s handing things out, I would also like a Skip-It. That’s for me.” (PHOTOS)


Alicia Fox:

“My Christmas wish this year is to have a bigger closet. My clothes are about to run me out of my house.  There’s way too much stuff in too small of a space. I would love for Santa to come in with his toolbox and build me a bigger a closet.” (PHOTOS)



Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes:

“I would like to be invited to the DiBiase Posse Party at one of the WWE live events. And I would like all those who attend to get food poisoning, besides me.” (PHOTOS)

Derrick Bateman:

“I’d really like a new car, bed, world peace and the full-time contract on SmackDown I deserve for Christmas-sakes! And some new underwear. Mine have a lot of holes.” (PHOTOS)


“What I want most is a Slammy Award, but from a stocking stuffer standpoint, I would love to have another pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I need more. I have five pairs, so I’d like at least another five.” (PHOTOS)

Rosa Mendes:

“I want success. I want to drive two Mercedes-Benzes, one BMW. I want a house in San Tropez, a house on the French Riviera, a huge mansion in Vancouver on the water, and houses in Miami, Czech Republic and Paris. And two dogs for each house, one guard dog and one lap dog that I can take shopping with me.” (PHOTOS)



“The Divas Title. But that’s not something I wish for because it’s something I can go ahead and take. As for a Christmas wish, I want a strong man.”  (PHOTOS)

Ted DiBiase:

“I want Santa Claus to bring me enough grills and equipment and enough food to feed the entire DiBiase Posse which is large, strong and growing. It would be the biggest Christmas party known to man!” (WATCH DIBIASE REFLECT ON THE DIBIASE POSSE) (PHOTOS)

SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long:

“What I want most for Christmas is my health and strength, my life, my whole family, and being able to still work and be the General Manager of SmackDown.” (PHOTOS)

Titus O’Neil:

“I wish for all those who have financial struggles with their families that at least one day during this Christmas season, they have the opportunity to not have those stresses and can enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and what it’s really about.” (PHOTOS)

Wade Barrett:

“I’d like my own camera so I can record unlimited amounts of footage for My stuff I’ve been putting online has clearly been the best stuff that’s been on the site. The more I produce, the more hits the website gets, and the better the company is gonna do.” (WATCH BARRETT "BORROW" A WWE.COM CAMERA 1 | BARRETT "BORROWS" A CAMERA 2) (PHOTOS)

Find out whose wishes come true and who gets coal in their stocking by tuning in to SmackDown Fridays at 8/7 CT. And make sure to check out's exclusive Kmart holiday gift guide to find the perfect gift this holiday season.

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