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Thursday, Aug 12 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Aug 12 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 12, 2021

Wolfgang def. Flash Morgan Webster

For more than two years, Wolfgang competed exclusively in the tag team ranks, a span which included an impressive 497-day NXT UK Tag Team Title run for himself and Mark Coffey, but he clearly hasn’t forgotten how to win fights by his lonesome.

Perhaps most impressively, The Last King of Scotland mostly kept his temper in check during the match, despite recently being slapped across the face by his opponent during a backstage encounter, a maneuver Webster twice repeated shortly after the opening bell.

Tasked with the challenge of keeping the thrill-a-minute competitor grounded, Wolfgang survived a poison rana and a knee to the face before nearly driving his opponent through the canvas with a ring-rattling Spear. And with the decisive three-count, Wolfgang made some headway in his “friendly competition” with his Gallus mates, earning his second straight singles victory after also defeating Sam Gradwell in June.

Amale def. Nina Samuels

Given their tendency to demean their fellow Superstars at the drop of a hat, it only made sense that Amale and Nina Samuels would go to battle after a backstage altercation that started over something as trivial as whose turn it was to use the makeup chair.

At the toll of the opening bell, the competitors charged one another and immediately established a frenetic pace with a wild exchange of unforgiving right hands.

Samuels looked to be closing in on victory when she sent Samuels face-first into the middle turnbuckle and clobbered her with double knees to the back, but Amale soon backed her opponent into the corner and delivered a savage boot to Samuels’ face. Shortly after, Amale secured the win by planting Samuels with the Heartbreaker, a vicious variation of the spinebuster.

Noam Dar def. Mark Andrews in an NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament Quarterfinal Match, 2-1

The biggest takeaway from the NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament Quarterfinal Match between Mark Andrews and Noam Dar? Whomever emerges as the last man standing from the star-studded, eight-Superstar tournament will undoubtedly have earned a title bout against NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion Tyler Bate.

After a Round 1 that featured no pinfalls or submissions but plenty of trash talk, Dar took the advantage in Round 2, raining down several stiff kicks though seemingly getting frustrated by his inability to earn a decision.

With tournament participant Teoman and Rohan Raja helping themselves to a better look from the entranceway in Round 3, Andrews landed Stundog Millionaire before launching himself through the ropes to wipe out Dar at ringside. When he attempted to follow up with a kick to the face, however, Dar immediately trapped him in a kneebar to force a submission and claim a 1-0 lead.

Andrews came out flying in Round 4, blitzing The Scottish Supernova with a series of kicks, then countering Dar’s attempt at a second kneebar to roll him into a pinning combination for the 1-2-3!

After looking to go high-risk from the top rope, Andrews was met by a wicked kick to the shin by Dar. Moments later, Dar again blasted Andrews’ leg with a kick and followed up with a Nova Roller for the decisive pinfall.