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Thursday, Aug 5 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 6, 2021

Blair Davenport def. Xia Brookside

Last month, Blair Davenport earned a decisive win against Laura Di Matteo in her debut match. Tonight, she proved it wasn’t a fluke.

Tasked with the challenge of overcoming Xia Brookside, Davenport controlled the majority of her match against the more experienced NXT UK competitor. Davenport arguably set the tone during her extravagant entrance, cloaked in a mysterious hood and sneering at her opponent while smoke billowed into the arena.

Brookside briefly staggered Davenport with a headscissors takedown and a monkey flip, but Davenport regained control with a basement dropkick that knocked Brookside from the apron to the ringside floor and secured the win when she blasted her foe with a pair of vicious knee strikes to the head.

Davenport’s symbol appeared in the center of the ring after the match, and the impressive newcomer rubbed salt in the wound by dropping Xia head-first onto the cryptic design.

Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff def. Danny Jones & Josh Morrell

At first glance (and second and third glance), Jack Starz and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff wouldn’t appear to have much in common, but that didn’t stop NXT UK’s newest tag team from turning in a highly impressive debut against Danny Jones and Josh Morrell.

Danny Jones and Josh Morrell, who were competing in just their second match as tag team partners, found themselves overwhelmed by an intriguing blend of power and speed from Mastiff and Starz, respectively.

And after a brief rally from Jones and Morrell, Starz hit Morrell with a running headbutt to tee up Mastiff for a cannonball and the decisive pinfall.

A-Kid def. Jordan Devlin in a 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match, 2-1

Sometimes, two people with contrasting personalities simply don’t like each other.

Such is the case with A-Kid and Jordan Devlin, who seemed to hold each other in contempt from the moment they crossed paths in the backstage area several months ago. Animosity and fisticuffs alike have increased in recent weeks, and their utter disdain for one another was written over their faces when they entered the ring for a harrowing 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match.

After an early feeling out process chock-full of mat wrestling and a pulse-pounding exchange of rollup pinfall attempts, Devlin stomped away at A-Kid’s leg when it got caught in the ropes, then rolled him into a cloverleaf to claim a 1-0 lead by forcing a nearly immediate tapout with about 20 minutes remaining.

A hobbled A-Kid came close to earning a tapout decision in several instances, but the wily Devlin fought his way to the ropes each time. The Spanish Superstar finally evened the bout at 1-1 when Devlin kicked out of a pinfall attempt and A-Kid immediately transitioned into an armbar to earn the submission with less than 12 minutes to go.

Feeding off the emotion of finally securing a fall, A-Kid unleashed a devastating series of strikes on Devlin, who grabbed a chair at ringside before being met with a superkick to the jaw.

With both competitors emptying the tank in the home stretch, the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion dropped the former NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion with a Devlin Side from the apron to the floor, and A-Kid narrowly beat the official’s 10-count to avoid taking a fall with less than four minutes on the clock.

After struggling for some time, A-Kid finally ensnared Devlin in an excruciating hold, bending his arm behind his back and forcing a verbal submission to take a 2-1 lead with just 1:32 remaining.

The competitors got into a wild exchange of forearms, and a desperate Devlin went for a rollup on several occasions, but A-kid always had an answer in the form of a kick to the head or another vicious forearm.

Devlin took down his opponent with a wicked right hand in the closing seconds, but the clock expired as he attempted a pinfall, giving A-Kid an incredible 2-1 win.