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Thursday, Feb 20 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Feb 20 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Full Details


Tyler Bate def. Joseph Conners

WWE NXT UK: Feb.20, 2020

Joseph Conners may have challenged “TakeOver” Tyler Bate in order to demonstrate that he is worthy, but the first-ever United Kingdom Champion proved his worth when he overcame his unpredictable opponent with Tyler Driver ‘97. Even though the loss handed Conners his first defeat in about eight months, the whirlwind back-and-forth contest exhibited the next-level talent of both competitors.


Jinny refused to be disrespected again

WWE NXT UK: Feb.20, 2020

Boldly interrupting the NXT UK proceedings, the outspoken Jinny stepped onto the announce table to make clear to the WWE Universe that the “insolence” she was shown by her former associate proved to be the end of her time in the rising brand and that she would never be disrespected again.

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Noam Dar def. Josh Morrell

WWE NXT UK: Feb.20, 2020

Noam Dar may be nefarious, but his incredible ring skills cannot be denied. That was a point he exhibited when he overcame a very game Josh Morrell with the Nova Roller.


Ilja Dragunov vs. Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey settles all debts with Ilja Dragunov and more: NXT UK highlights, Feb. 20, 2020

Ilja Dragunov battles Gallus’ Iron King, Tyler Bate takes on Joseph Conners, Jinny made a bold statement to the WWE Universe, and Noam Dar goes head-to-head against Josh Morrell. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Although he fought alongside Gallus in their ongoing struggle against Imperium, Ilja Dragunov made accidental contact with Joe Coffey during Coffey’s title clash against United Kingdom Champion WALTER at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, which may have turned the tide of the high-stakes matchup. According to The Iron King, that meant that The Mad Russian owed “the Gallus firm” a debt. Today, he was definitely out to collect when he battled Ilja one-on-one in the NXT main event.

At the height of the intense showdown, Dragunov picked up a well-deserved three-count by overcoming a brutal knee injury and drilling Coffey with Tornado Moscow at the same time that The Iron King was winding up to execute All the Best for the Bells.

As the dust cleared, Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang emerged and prepared to unleash retribution on Dragunov, but Joe Coffey halted the potential assault and informed his opponent that he had paid his debt and that matters were now settled.