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Friday, Mar 18 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: March 18, 2022

Xyon Quinn def. Damon Kemp

Xyon Quinn seemed to employ a fairly basic strategy for his bout against amateur standout Damon Kemp: strike hard and avoid getting into a mat-grappling exhibition with his athletic opponent.

After a pre-match fist bump, Kemp attempted a variety of takedowns and finally succeeded when he knocked Quinn to the canvas and ensnared him in a painful-looking submission hold.

Though Kemp threw Quinn somewhat off his game by relying on his technical prowess, Quinn eventually got back on track when he ducked his hard-charging foe, landed several rapid-fire fists and elbows, and nearly drove him through the mat with a unique slam. Seconds later, Quinn clobbered Kemp with a running forearm to the face to seal the win.

Lash Legend def. Valentina Feroz

Though she was giving up at least a foot to the towering Lash Legend, Valentina Feroz didn’t show the slightest amount of trepidation, getting in Legend’s face and crowing right back to the notorious trash talker at the start of the match.

After Feroz landed a couple early strikes, however, Legend took control by hoisting her off the mat and holding Feroz above her head for at least 15 seconds before finally dropping her with a thunderous suplex.

Legend found herself in some trouble when the gutsy Feroz ensnared her in a headscissors submission, but she fought free and leveled her with body slam and a devastating boot for the 1-2-3. After the bell, Legend grabbed the microphone and addressed Nikkita Lyons, vowing to dole out a brutal beatdown the next time they cross paths.

Dante Chen def. Bodhi Hayward

Whether Dante Chen likes it or not, Robert Stone has seemingly taken an interest in the upstart competitor and even chipped in with an unsolicited assist to help Chen knock off the ever-enthusiastic Bodhi Hayward.

The pride of Chase University seemed to be closing in on a victory late in the bout when he landed a standing splash for a long two-count, but Stone suddenly hit the scene.

Hayward was momentarily distracted by a ringside argument between Stone and Andre Chase, and when Hayward turned around, Chen ducked out of the way and caught his foe in a unique backslide for the three-count.