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Friday, Mar 4 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: March 4, 2022

Dante Chen def. Javier Bernal

Dante Chen has experienced more than his fair share of adversity since coming to WWE, battling injuries as well as attempting to fend off several menacing attacks from the towering Duke Hudson.

And in his inaugural trip to NXT Level Up, Chen got back to basics against promising newcomer Javier Bernal, outmaneuvering his foe in the early goings with some textbook mat grappling.

Bernal got rolling with a few forearm strikes, a dropkick and a crossbody, but Chen stunned his showboating opponent by countering a monkey flip into a rollup for the three-count before shaking his hand after the bell.

Tiffanny Stratton def. Erica Yan

From the second she stepped onto the stage until the final bell, Tiffany Stratton never even tried to hide her contempt for Erica Yan or the NXT Universe, becoming increasingly annoyed any time her opponent had the nerve to take the upper hand.

Yan broke free from a chin lock and caught fire with a hip toss and a pair of clotheslines before driving Stratton face-first into the canvas.

Stratton, however, showed off her impressive strength by blocking a suplex and landing a standing moonsault. Seconds later, Stratton jumped from the middle rope and landed a twisting splash for the win.

Legado del Fantasma def. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade

Edris Enofé and Malik Blade stormed out of the starting blocks for their main event fight against Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza, hitting a couple of early double-team maneuvers that wowed the NXT Universe and staggered their foes.

Legado del Fantasma turned the tables by isolating Blade in their corner and making nearly 10 rapid-fire tags while taking turns doling out punishment to Blade. When Enofé finally received a tag from the exhausted Blade, he blitzed both of his foes with fists and elbow strikes, and unleashed an innovative slam to Mendoza for a two-count.

Elektra Lopez proved to be the difference-maker, however, as she distracted Enofé while he was on the top rope, allowing Mendoza to kick him back into the ring. Legado del Fantasma immediately notched the three-count by clobbering Enofé with their high-low combination.