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Friday, Feb 18 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: Feb. 18, 2022

Harland def. Javier Bernal

Javier Bernal and Harland had the distinct honor of competing in the first match in NXT Level Up history, but not before Joe Gacy proclaimed himself an “Agent of Change,” vowed that everyone will be welcome on WWE’s newest brand and promised that the ring would be used to resolve any conflict.

Harland took immediate control of the inaugural bout, backing Bernal into the corner with several strikes before chucking him across the ring and repeatedly bouncing his face into the canvas.

Bernal created some separation with some kicks and forearms to the face, but Harland greeted his airborne foe with a fist to the midsection and nearly drove him back-first through the canvas with a match-clinching slam.

Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley def. Fallon Henley & Kayla Inlay via Submission

In a clash of two tandems perhaps looking to stake their claim to a place in the upcoming Dusty Classic, the energetic Fallon Henley joined forces with Kayla Inlay for a high-stakes collision with Ivy Nile and the debuting Tatum Paxley.

Malcolm Bivens and Nile each had designs on bringing Paxley into the Diamond Mine fold with the hopes of providing Nile with an equally deadly partner. They weren’t disappointed.

The newly formed tandem instantly showed palpable chemistry, landing a unique double team maneuver when Nile suplexed Henley before Paxley followed up with a somersault leg drop. With all four competitors brawling in and around the ring, Nile twisted Inlay’s neck in her unique submission hold to force an immediate tapout. 

After the bell, Nile seemed to pull away from her partner when Paxley attempted to raise her hand. As Bivens raised Nile’s hand, however, The Pitbull of Diamond Mine shot a look to Paxley that seemed to suggest that she was impressed.

Edris Enofé def. Kushida

If either the veteran Kushida or the rookie Edris Enofé was feeling the pressure of competing in the main event of the first-ever NXT Level Up, they certainly didn’t show it.

Instead, the two acrobatic competitors dazzled the WWE Universe with a pulse-pounding main event, highlighted by some clinical mat grappling in the early goings, Kushida flinging Enofé halfway across the ring with a hurricanrana, Enofé landing a picture-perfect snap suplex, Kushida drilling his airborne foe with a dropkick to the midsection, and Enofé landing a dropkick of his own to The Time Splitter’s back.

With Kushida down face-first on the mat, Enofé soared through the NXT Arena with a breathtaking Shooting Star Press to claim the upset victory. Enofé seemingly earned the well-traveled Superstar’s respect, as Kushida hugged him and seemed to offer some words of encouragement as an epic premiere episode of NXT Level Up concluded.