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Tuesday, Mar 8 | 9/8 PMC

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Divas on wheels

What’s more dangerous than Brie Mode? Brie Mode on a scooter, at least by Nikki Bella’s reckoning. The now-former Divas Champion is sick with worry on E!’s “Total Divas” over Brie Bella’s decision to buy a scooter — at the insistence of Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, by the way. Nikki is convinced that a fiery doom awaits her sister as a result of the scooter, despite Brie and Bryan’s insistence that having an extra vehicle actually makes their lives easier, and unlike the usual giant blow-up that closes arguments between the Bellas, Nikki just sort of throws her hands up and backs off after Bryan tells her, in so many words, to mind her own business.


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Rosa Mendes, still pregnant, is reaping the benefits of eating for two … but she’s relatively certain her fiancé Bobby Schubenski isn’t pleased with her new figure. In fact, she’s sure that the baby-proof cameras he sets up around the house are little more than a poorly disguised attempt to catch her raiding the fridge, so Rosa and Mandy Rose decide to flip the script on him by feasting in full view of the camera. This backfires in a couple of ways, though: Bobby’s more concerned with his own weight gain since Rosa started stocking the fridge full of snacks, and Ms. Mendes finds out at the doctor that reckless eating habits put her own health at risk. Oops.


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Turn the Paige

As Paige attempts to figure out a way to extricate herself from her relationship with Kevin, her mom comes to visit for a little mother-daughter bonding time. She quickly surmises that something’s off with Paige, though she just chalks that up to her mile-a-minute lifestyle getting the best of her. Paige — who’d held off on discussing her issues with Kevin to protect his relationship with her mother — comes clean and her mom reminds her daughter that Paige is the priority in her life and she needs to do what she has to in order to be happy. So Paige ends the relationship in a conversation that we never see, and moves out of her and Kevin’s shared space to a new house of her own, swearing off romance for the meantime while she recovers.

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'Total Divas' Season 5, Episode 8: Ride like the wind

Bobby goes to Vegas, and John Cena’s overzealous recovery program puts a hitch in Nikki’s injury rehab. Tune into “Total Divas” next Tuesday at 9/8 C on E!.