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Tony Nese







Long Island, N.Y.

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Running Nese; 450 Splash

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Tony Nese

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WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Tony Nese

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Tony Nese

Tony Nese refers to himself as “The Premier Athlete,” but he just might be the premier Cruiserweight in the world.

A longtime mainstay of the American independent circuit, Nese brings a certain confidence to the Cruiserweight division. And, to be fair, that confidence is not unfounded. With the most impressive physique in the division, a resume that includes clashes with the likes of Matt Hardy and Paul London, as well as a beyond-impressive 450 Splash, Nese has it all. 

The Premier Athlete lived up to his considerable hype at WrestleMania 35 when he defeated former training partner Buddy Murphy in an edge-of-your-seat fight to capture his first WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Whether the subject of cheers or jeers from the WWE Universe, the boisterous Nese has stolen the show on multiple occasions and firmly established himself as one of the pillars on purple brand. And as one of the “205 Live OGs,” Nese is determined to make life a living hell for newcomers while making sure no one challenges his place in the 205 Live hierarchy … or his title for best abs in WWE.

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