Damian Priest: Bio

Damian Priest

Damian Priest prowls NXT with one goal in mind: To carve a legacy so undeniable that his name will live forever.

As mysterious as he is imposing, the towering Superstar was introduced to the NXT Universe via a series of videos in 2019. The imagery gave clue to Priest’s active nightlife, as he was seen flanked by a harem as he hopped from one club to another in a stretch limousine. In stark contrast to the party atmosphere surrounding him, Priest maintained a stoic, if unsettling, presence.

That same eerie calmness is no less apparent when Priest takes to the ring. Armed with immense power and an extensive knowledge of martial arts, the New York slugger is an unbridled force to be reckoned with, but he exudes the quiet confidence of a man who knows he’s always in control of his situation, no matter the arena.

Priest may very much be a man of the new millennium, but watch out, because once The Archer of Infamy takes aim at a target, he doesn’t miss.

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