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Gulock; Cyclone Crash

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Drew Gulak

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NXT Cruiserweight Champion

Drew Gulak

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Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak is every bit as hard-nosed as the city he hails from, Philadelphia. 

A minimalist mutilator, what Gulak lacks in frills like kneepads or elbow pads he offsets with a completist’s arsenal of submission holds and suplexes, not to mention a lariat that can rip heads from shoulders, as his competition discovered in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

Being raised in Philly did more than toughen up Gulak; it also exposed the self-described “student of the game” to one of the world’s top wrestling hotbeds at a young age. Now an 11-year veteran of the sport, the old-school throwback emerged as one of the Cruiserweight Division’s most promising competitors. 

With an NXT Cruiserweight Title victory to his credit and more holds than a call center, Gulak looks primed to continue to dole out his brand of no-nonsense punishment on Friday Night SmackDown.

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