Editors’ Choice: Who is Mr./Ms. SummerSlam?

Editors’ Choice: Who is Mr./Ms. SummerSlam?

Shawn Michaels always shined at WrestleMania when the lights were brightest. A reputation built on instant classics earned him the nickname of Mr. WrestleMania. So, who would be his SummerSlam counterpart? Which Superstar routinely steals the show at The Biggest Event of the Summer?

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair reigns over SummerSlam, boasting a 4-0 record in four marquee matches.

Her SummerSlam debut came alongside Paige & Becky Lynch in a Nine-Woman Tag Team Match that set the tone for the Women’s Evolution. She followed up by pinning rival Sasha Banks to capture the Women’s Title, then she snatched the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch to pin Carmella in a thrilling Triple Threat Match. Last year, The Queen submitted Trish Stratus in the WWE Hall of Famer’s hometown of Toronto.

The Queen knows SummerSlam is her stage, and she always delivers with her hand raised in the end. — JEFF LABOON

Bret Hart

When the email blast went out for us to pick our choice for the best SummerSlam match in history article that released earlier this week, the first THREE replies, including mine, all came in within seconds of it arriving in our inboxes, all three were different matches and all three included the name Bret Hart.

Which is exactly why “The Hit Man” is Mr. SummerSlam.

I dare you to find a better trio of matches at any major event in history than Bret vs. Mr. Perfect in ’91, vs. The British Bulldog in ’92 and vs. his brother Owen inside the cage in ’94 (a.k.a. the best SummerSlam match of all time). Tack on his ’97 main event classic against The Undertaker and an incredible win/loss record at the summer showcase and you come to one virtually inarguable stance: When it comes to SummerSlam, Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

Brock Lesnar

The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, Roman Reigns, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman — a who's who of WWE Superstars — all of them CONQUERED by BRRRROOCK LESNAR at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

As if that weren’t enough, don’t forget that The Beast has been in the main event bout or headline attraction of every single SummerSlam since 2012. From taking down The Great One in his first SummerSlam appearance in 2002 to taking Cena to “Suplex City” in 2014, you don’t have to like it, but Brock Lesnar is SummerSlam. — JORDAN BATES

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ resume speaks for itself. He’s a proven winner no matter when he steps in the ring. But the lights shine brightest for him at SummerSlam.

Over the last three years, Rollins has captured the Universal, Intercontinental and Raw Team Championships. And who could forget defeating John Cena to become the first (and to this day only) Superstar to hold the WWE and United States Titles simultaneously. Rollins was also handpicked by Stephanie McMahon to compete in the first-ever Universal Championship Match.

Known throughout the years as The Architect, The Beastslayer and The Monday Night Messiah, it’s time we add Mr. SummerSlam to the list of monikers. — MATT ZIMMER

The Undertaker

We all love The Streak, but The Undertaker can boast being the greatest competitor in the history of WrestleMania and SummerSlam. With the most victories at SummerSlam, The Phenom has defeated an impressive assortment of colossal opponents at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

Undertaker’s greatest SummerSlam wins came in his two most recent appearances, defeating Edge inside Hell in a Cell and conquering Brock Lesnar. Even his losses at the event are legendary, though, with classics like the first-ever Boiler Room Brawl against Mankind and back-to-back WWE Championship main events against Bret Hart and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, respectively.

With a resumé like that, Undertaker simply has to be included in this conversation, because when you take him on at SummerSlam ... he’ll make you famous. — STEVE BARILE

Triple H

The Game has faced some of the biggest names in WWE history at SummerSlam in some of the most dangerous matches and walked away victorious. He has survived a Steel Cage Match with Mankind, bested The Rock in a Ladder Match to win the Intercontinental Championship, and walked out of the devastating Elimination Chamber with the World Heavyweight Title.

Triple H has toppled giants, kings and even Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon, all at The Biggest Event of The Summer. If anyone deserves to call themselves Mr. SummerSlam, it’s The King of Kings. — BOBBY MELOK

AJ Styles

When it comes to identifying who stands tall as Mr. SummerSlam in this era, the answer is simply Phenomenal. Since his 2016 arrival in WWE, AJ Styles has been putting numbers up on the board, making SummerSlam a showcase of his own along the way.

Styles has delivered a string of summer smashes to a 3-1 record — with the lone loss being by disqualification. Check out his track record: John Cena (2016), Kevin Owens (2017), Samoa Joe (2018), Ricochet (2019). Numbers don’t lie. So if anyone is more deserving of that title, it’s “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles! — RALPH BRISTOUT

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is already known as Mr. WrestleMania, but he makes a damn good case for Mr. SummerSlam as well.

Who else can say they’ve beaten the likes of Triple H, Vader, and WWE Hall of Famers Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon — not to mention a tag team victory against The McMahons at The Biggest Event of the Summer? Even in a losing effort against Hulk Hogan, HBK delivered one of the most memorable performances in SummerSlam history (go watch it immediately if you haven’t seen it).

So, say it with me: The Icon, The Main Event, The Showstopper … and Mr. SummerSlam. — JORDAN GARRETSON

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