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Thursday, Aug 25 | 4/3 PMC

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Thursday, Aug 25 | 4/3 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 25, 2022

Trent Seven def. Oliver Carter via Submission in an NXT UK Championship Tournament Semifinal Match

No one can ever question the courage of Oliver Carter, who was forced to relinquish the NXT UK Tag Team Title due to an injury to his partner Ashton Smith, has withstood countless three-on-one attacks from Die Familie, and battled his way through an injured knee to triumph over Charlie Dempsey in the NXT UK Championship Tournament Quarterfinals.

He nearly gutted out another miraculous win against the menacing Trent Seven, using his one good leg to land a springboard moonsault from the second rope for a two-count.

Seven, however, seemed to take a sick delight in assaulting his opponent’s knee, stomping and kicking at his target from bell to bell.

Carter struck back with a bicycle kick to the back of the neck, but Seven soon trapped his foe in the Figure-Seven. And with Seven cranking back on the submission hold and repeatedly punching Carter in his injured knee, the upstart competitor finally had no choice but to submit.

Tyler Bate def. Joe Coffey in an NXT UK Championship Tournament Semifinal Match

With the NXT UK Universe seemingly salivating at the idea of a Moustache Mountain “reunion” in the form of a nasty slugfest for the NXT UK Title, Joe Coffey attempted to essentially play spoiler and move one step closer to seizing the first championship of his career and adding more gold to Gallus.

Some early mat grappling eventually gave way to fisticuffs, as Coffey grounded Bate with a vicious backbreaker, only for Bate to fire back soon after with a picture-perfect exploder suplex.

With both competitors on wobbly legs, Bate and Coffey ran full steam into each other with stereo clotheslines, though both remained standing. Then, Bate landed on his feet after Coffey countered the Tyler Driver ’97 by flipping The Big Strong Boi over his head, and the former NXT UK Champion fought his way out of Coffey’s clutches and pinned him with a crafty backslide.

After the match, Seven emerged in the entranceway for a staredown. Seven feigned getting in the ring, only to take his leave and set the stage for what promises to be an edge-of-your-seat brawl for the NXT UK Championship next week.

Noam Dar def. Mark Coffey to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup, 2-1

Recognizing and respecting the idea of NXT UK Heritage Cup Matches always being a 2-out-of-3 proposition, Mark Coffey was more than happy to give Noam Dar a rematch for the trophy after each competitor had once defeated the other in prior title fights.

Following a scoreless first two rounds, Coffey earned the first decision by bouncing off the ropes and using his momentum to drill Dar with a sliding forearm to the face for the three-count in Round 3.

Dar was seemingly knocked loopy from the strike, as he struggled to get back to his feet at the start of Round 4 and later stumbled through the ropes and fell to the ringside floor. Moments later, Coffey cautiously approached Dar, who was down on the mat, and the former champion suckered him in and locked him in the Champagne Super Kneebar to force a tapout and knot the bout at one fall apiece.

Then, with 1:33 remaining in the final round and the official’s back turned, Sha Samuels suddenly hopped the ringside barricade, shoved Coffey into the ring post and threw him back into the ring.

And after holding the trophy for 259 days, it took Dar only 42 days to get it back, as he took advantage of Samuels’ interference by tattooing Coffey with the Nova Roller for the three-count. Following the match, Dar and Samuels embraced and celebrated by planting kisses on the trophy as NXT UK concluded.