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Friday, Apr 8 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: April 8, 2022

Javier Bernal def. Guru Raaj

Though he freely admitted that he wanted nothing more than to have a match at NXT Stand & Deliver, Javier Bernal also noted that not getting the chance to compete at the Premium Live Event served as motivation, which was on full display when he notched his first career victory on NXT Level Up.

That isn’t to say he had an easy time against Guru Raaj, who took the upper hand with a ruthless boot to the face and a snap suplex.

Bernal nevertheless fought through the pain, grabbed Raaj by the back of the head and dropped him face-first into his knees for the three-count.

Ivy Nile def. Thea Hail via Submission

Give Thea Hail credit: She wasn’t looking for a layup win in her debut match.

Instead, the energetic 18-year-old bounded to the ring for a head-on collision with Ivy Nile, who is still undefeated in singles competition.

Hail used her gymnastic background to backflip her way out of danger in the early goings and caught Nile by surprise with a hip toss.

Nile, however, soon found her game, dropping her opponent throat-first onto the top rope, landing a series of suplexes and snatching Hail in a dragon sleeper to force an immediate tapout.

Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward def. Troy Donovan & Channing Lauren

With the Chase U student section at a fever pitch, Andre Chase and his star pupil Bodhi Hayward looked to impart their teachings on a pair of debuting competitors, Troy Donovan and Channing Lauren.

Oozing arrogance from the second they stepped onto the stage, Donovan and Lauren took control when the illegal Lauren drove his knee into Chase’s back from the ring apron, allowing Donovan to floor Chase with a nasty dropkick that sent the Chase U professor throat-first into the middle rope.

After absorbing tremendous punishment, Chase made a diving tag to Hayward, who clobbered Lauren with a pair of chop blocks and followed up by body slamming each of his opponents and powerslamming Donovan. Moments later, Chase tagged back in, and he and Hayward landed a unique double-team slam, which Nigel McGuinness dubbed a “Frat-Liner,” on Lauren for the 1-2-3.