Matt Riddle def. Ricochet

Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet: WWE NXT, Nov. 20, 2019

Ricochet attacks Matt Riddle’s scheduled opponent, Kona Reeves, leading to a match with The Original Bro that also saw Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and Finn Bálor get involved.

With Matt Riddle set to face Kona Reeves, one Raw Superstar had other ideas — but Ricochet wasn't the only hostile party to try to take NXT by force.

Flying into Full Sail like the Superhero he's billed as to deliver a dropkick during Reeve's entrance, Ricochet inserted himself opposite Riddle in NXT's second successive impromptu bout. 

Two of the best athletes in all of WWE set a breakneck pace from the start, though SmackDown's Cesaro and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura put the brakes on the bout before it could reach another gear. The presence of the blue-brand duo proved to be enough of a distraction for Riddle to catch Ricochet in a small package for a quick pinfall, but both found themselves on the receiving end of the SmackDown attack shortly thereafter.

NXT North American Champion Roderick Strongwho will face Nakamura and United States Champion AJ Styles on Sunday at Survivor Series — intercepted The King of Strong Style before he could hit Riddle with the Kinshasa. 

Smelling blood in the water, Riddle's opponent for Saturday's TakeOver: WarGames, Finn Bálor, arrived looking for a pound of flesh. Though Bálor initially overwhelmed Riddle during the fast and furious scene, The Original Bro evaded an attempted 1918 DDT and dropped Bálor with a ripcord knee to take the advantage heading into Saturday's matchup. 

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