WWE NXT results - June 12, 2014: Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville clash while "Mr. NXT" is unmasked

WWE NXT results - June 12, 2014: Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville clash while "Mr. NXT" is unmasked

ORLANDO, Fla. — On an action-packed edition of WWE NXT, NXT Champion Adrian Neville successfully defended his title against a desperate Tyson Kidd in a Takeover rematch. Tension brewing among NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Summer Rae cost The BFFs a Six-Diva Tag Team Match, while Sami Zayn foiled the masked machinations of newcomer “Mr. NXT.”

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WWE NXT results - June 12, 2014: Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville clash while "Mr. NXT" is unmasked
Paige, Emma & Bayley def. Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Summer Rae
After suffering a vicious assault at the hands of the BFFs, Bayley was joined by her new pals, WWE Divas Champion Paige and Emma, to battle the mean girls in a Six-Diva Tag Team Match. However, there was obvious tension brewing among Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Though they looked dominant throughout the match, the BFFs’ unspoken uneasiness boiled over when Charlotte shoved Summer Rae to the arena floor with a boot. The distraction allowed Bayley to roll up the NXT Women’s Champion to claim the win for her trio!

Colin Cassady def. Sylvester Lefort
With his fellow Legionnaire, Marcus Louis, waving the French flag in his corner, Sylvester Lefort set out to derail 7-footer Colin Cassady, who’s been on a roll as of late. Unfortunately for Lefort, he was outsized and outmuscled by his opponent. Big Cass pummeled the Frenchman into the canvas before clobbering him with a big boot and hitting the East River Crossing for the three-count.

WWE NXT results - June 12, 2014: Tyson Kidd & Adrian Neville clash while "Mr. NXT" is unmasked
Sami Zayn def. Mr. NXT
Newcomer Mr. NXT set out to make an immediate impact upon his debut. From the moment he entered the arena, the NXT Universe and Sami Zayn felt like they recognized the familiar actions of the masked grappler. Mr. NXT looked quite impressive against Zayn, until the French-Canadian Superstar removed his mask, revealing Bo Dallas! The unmasking caught Bo off guard, leaving him open to the Helluva Kick, which allowed Zayn to pick up the win. Having violated the terms of his Win or Go Home Match, Dallas was chased around ringside by security. Though he clung to the ring with every fiber of his being, Bo was forcibly removed from the arena as the NXT Universe laughed in delight.

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NXT Champion Adrian Neville def. Tyson Kidd (NXT Championship Match)
A remorseful Tyson Kidd got the NXT Championship rematch he asked for against Adrian Neville. With his wife, Natalya, watching intently from ringside, Kidd took control of the bout early by wrestling the champion to the ground. However, the resilient Neville was able to escape from Kidd’s grasp and take flight.

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The aggressive Hart Dungeon graduate battled back and nearly had the bout won after landing a somersault legdrop with Neville trapped in the ropes. At the very last second, though, the champion put his foot on the ropes. The referee had counted three and Kidd thought he had the championship won, but the referee saw Neville’s foot on the ropes, and reversed his call.

A frustrated Kidd, desperate for victory at any cost, left the ring and grabbed a steel chair after Neville fought out of a flurry of high-impact moves. Before he could batter the NXT Champion with it, Natalya ripped the chair from Kidd’s hands, admonishing her husband that he was “better than that.” The distraction allowed Neville to recover, clobber Kidd with a superkick and hit the Red Arrow to retain his title.

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