Starrcade returned home to Greensboro in legendary SmackDown Live Event

GREENSBORO, N.C. – For the first time in 30 years, Starrcade descended on the Greensboro Coliseum with a historic SmackDown Live Event.

The emotional evening celebrated the premier event of the National Wrestling Alliance and, later, WCW, which began in Greensboro on Thanksgiving 1983. The absolutely stacked card featured two championship Steel Cage Matches as well as appearances from legendary competitors associated with the event’s incredible history.

View exclusive photos from the Starrcade Live Event | Exclusive video highlights

At the top of the list of 2017 dignitaries was two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who defeated Harley Race in the very first Starrcade to capture his second of 16 World Championships. “The Nature Boy” appeared humbled by the legacy of Starrcade as well as the overall history of competition in Greensboro throughout his career. But, what exactly did he have to say about the infamous Locker Room No. 5?

Ric Flair discusses his Starrcade legacy, Charlotte Flair and Locker Room No. 5: Exclusive, Nov. 25, 2017

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is humbled as he returns to Greensboro, N.C., reflecting on SmackDown's special Starrcade Live Event and daughter Charlotte Flair's SmackDown Women's Championship Steel Cage Match against Natalya.

In Flair's honor, his daughter, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, looked to defend her title in a Steel Cage Match against former champion Natalya. Woo! As she began to get into the mindset to face her very dangerous opponent, The Queen couldn't help but feel a special connection to her father from 34 years earlier in the same building.

How important is Starrcade to Charlotte Flair and the Flair legacy?: Exclusive, Nov. 25, 2017

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair discusses the significance of her Steel Cage Match against Natalya as she continues the Flair legacy in Greensboro, N.C.

In a fitting tribute to late WWE Hall of Famer and Starrcade legend Dusty Rhodes, as well as his own time in WCW, Dustin Rhodes left his trademark Goldust makeup at home and engaged Dash Wilder in a working class battle as "The Natural."

"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes emerges for battle at Starrcade: Exclusive, Nov. 25, 2017

It's impossible not to think of late WWE Hall of Famer and Starrcade legend Dusty Rhodes as Dustin Rhodes leaves his trademark Goldust makeup at home and prepares to take on Dash Wilder as "The Natural."

Dustin Rhodes reflects on his tribute to The American Dream | "The Natural" honors Dusty in the ring

Yet another authentic Starrcade moment took place when the legendary Arn Anderson made a surprise return to serve as a Special Guest Enforcer for Bobby Roode's Grudge Match against Dolph Ziggler. When Ziggler inevitably stepped over the line, The Enforcer wasted no time laying down the law.

Arn Anderson lays down the law as Special Guest Enforcer at Starrcade: Exclusive, Nov. 25, 2017

Find out what happens when Dolph Ziggler crosses Guest Enforcer Arn Anderson during The Showoff's match against Bobby Roode at the Starrcade Live Event.

The Hardy Boyz also appeared in their home state of North Carolina and stood in the ring alongside WWE Hall of Famers and Starrcade legends The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. This coincided with one of the night's most unexpected turn of events, as The New Day used The Power of Positivity to lead those classic tandems in a dance that nearly brought the house down.  

The New Day dance with The Hardys and The Rock 'n' Roll Express at Starrcade: Exclusive, Nov. 25, 2017

The longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history dance with the hometown Hardy Boyz and Starrcade legends, WWE Hall of Famers The Rock 'n' Roll Express!

The Hardys explain why Starrcade so important to Greensboro

The tremendous action throughout the evening, coupled with appearances from several competitors who helped make Starrcade so special over the years, reminded true wrestling fans just how historic that event was.

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