Lars Sullivan once again demolished several Superstars

Lars Sullivan continues his path of destruction: SmackDown LIVE, April 23, 2019

The Freak steamrolls Chad Gable, The Singh Brothers and R-Truth in a frightening display of power.

A contest between two of SmackDown LIVE’s newest Superstars, Chad Gable and Jinder Mahal, never got underway due to Lars Sullivan showing up and destroying anyone that crossed his path. That included Gable, who was laid out by The Freak on the entrance ramp.

Sullivan then hit the ring with the intent of taking out Mahal and The Singh Brothers, but The Modern Day Maharaja pushed The Singh Brothers to the forefront, allowing him to leave the ring and Lars to absolutely wreck Sunil and Samir. R-Truth, who was clearly looking for retaliation after Lars attacked him last week, attempted to step to The Freak, and he landed a few stiff punches. However, much like everyone else tonight (and any other night), R-Truth was downed by Sullivan, who dropped him with a Freak Accident and a ring-rattling running sit-out powerbomb, leaving another massive path of destruction in his wake.

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