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WWE Champion; United States Champion, 24/7 Champion

Jinder Mahal

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Jinder Mahal

If you seek the American dream, look no further than Jinder Mahal. The Indian Superstar is the very definition of a self-made man, having battled his way to the WWE Championship despite suffering trials and tribulations that would have sent a lesser person running for the hills.

Mahal made it his business to target the biggest dog in the yard from his first days in WWE, when he confronted the towering Great Khali. And even when Mahal found himself set back by his own ambitions, The Modern Day Maharaja continued to press for the peak, forming unusual alliances and adopting new styles to improve his game and approach the mountaintop from a different path.

When neither of those attempts paid dividends, Mahal took a sabbatical from WWE and returned in 2016 as a new man. While his style evolved, he also underwent a remarkable physical transformation. Suddenly, going after the biggest dog in the yard didn’t seem so far-fetched. In just a two-month span, Mahal finished as the runner-up in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, defeated five of SmackDown’s finest to earn a WWE Championship Match, recruited Sunil & Samir Singh to his side and made good on his title opportunity, defeating none other than Randy Orton to attain the supreme prize of sports-entertainment.

After a successful reign as WWE Champion, Mahal once again attained glory at WrestleMania 34 when he defeated Orton, Bobby Roode and Rusev in a Fatal 4-Way Match to win the United States Title.

Jinder Mahal remains a force to be reckoned with. He may have crossed a few lines and stepped on a few necks to succeed, but if there’s anything to take away from The Modern Day Maharaja, it’s that none are more deserving of glory than those who refuse to be hindered — even if it means getting there by any means necessary.

On the January 10, 2023 edition of NXT, Mahal made his stunning return, taking out Julis and Brutus Creed and aligning himself with Sanga.

During the 2023 WWE Draft, Mahal as well as the entirety of Indus Sher were drafted to Raw.

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