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Thursday, Aug 26 | 3/2 PMC

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Thursday, Aug 26 | 3/2 PMC

NXT UK Results : Quick Hits

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WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 26, 2021

Aoife Valkyrie def. Jinny in a No Disqualification Match

Aoife Valkyrie got exactly what she wanted: a lawless No Disqualification Match against newfound nemesis Jinny, and Joseph Conners out of the equation.

What she wasn’t expecting was The Fashionista viciously assaulting her from behind during her entrance, though she quickly turned the tables, blasting her foe with a series of strikes and even attacking Conners and locking him in the cage.

Despite Conners pleading with the referee, Valkyrie set up a table ringside, but the tactic backfired when she went for a leg drop from the ring apron: Jinny waited until the last possible second and dodged her airborne attacker, causing Valkyrie to crash through the hardwood to the ringside floor.

All in one motion, Valkyrie nearly drove Jinny through the canvas with a sunset bomb, but she also tweaked her right knee. Valkyrie nevertheless persevered to dodge Jinny’s steal chair attack and kick the chair back into her face. Valkyrie followed up with several chair strikes of her own before slamming Jinny back-first onto the steel for the hard-earned victory.

Kenny Williams def. Oliver Carter in an NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship No. 1 Contender’s Tournament Quarterfinal Match

The animosity was off the charts right from the opening bell in a high-stakes bout between Oliver Carter and Kenny Williams, as each combatant shoved and trash-talked the other within the first 10 seconds of a scoreless Round 1 that concluded when Williams slithered under the bottom rope to run out the clock.

Round 2 saw Williams briefly tie Carter to the ropes by his hair and blast his defenseless opponent with kicks to the back, and he earned a 1-0 advantage by dodging the hard-charging Carter and rolling him up with a unique pinning combination for the 1-2-3.

Up 1-0, Williams started Round 3 by ducking in and out of the ring and trying to keep his distance, but Carter eventually tracked him down and clocked him with a spinning heel kick, and he earned a pinfall with a bicycle kick to the back of the head.

With the match knotted at one fall apiece, Carter came out flying in Round 4, wiping out Williams with a second-rope moonsault. Williams had a trick up his sleeve, however, as he removed the middle turnbuckle, diverting the official’s attention. And The Scum of the Earth lived up to his nickname, clobbering his foe with an aluminum water bottle behind the referee’s back to get the decisive pinfall.

Rampage Brown def. Joe Coffey in a Knockout or Submission Only Match

To continue the theme of hard-hitting bouts on this week’s NXT UK, Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown nearly tore each other to shreds in a Knockout or Submission Only Match.

With each brawler having defeated the other once in the past, neither Coffey nor Brown was looking to settle the score with anything less than a decisive victory. Given the option to touch hands by the official, both men acquiesced, and Coffey appeared to say, “Let’s finish it.”

Coffey went high-risk when the fight spilled to ringside, launching himself head-first over the barricade and crashing into his opponent, but Brown returned the favor by repeating the feat just a few moments later.

After a wild exchange of haymakers in the center of the ring, Brown gained the advantage with a ring-rattling powerslam, but Coffey soon answered with a wicked All the Best for the Bells.

Brown finally took control with a uranage, a merciless clothesline and two Doctor Bombs. With Brown raining right hands and Coffey unable to defend himself, the official stopped the bout and gave the knockout win to Brown. After both men staggered to their feet, Brown offered a fist bump, and Coffey accepted as NXT UK concluded.