WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER def. Joe Coffey; Undisputed ERA attacks Imperium

Undisputed ERA executes assault on Imperium: TakeOver: Blackpool II (WWE Network Exclusive)

Moments after WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER makes Joe Coffey tap-out, the full force of Undisputed ERA sends a message to Imperium with a sneak attack out of nowhere. #WWEonSonyIndia

WALTER’s reign over NXT UK will continue, but he and Imperium now face a challenge for undisputed brand supremacy from NXT’s best.

The moment of triumph for The Ring General and his allies following WALTER’s grueling yet successful WWE United Kingdom Title defense against Joe Coffey didn’t last long. It was cut short by The Undisputed ERA, who shockingly took over The Empress Ballroom to lay waste to Imperium ahead of their Eight-Man Tag Team Match at WWE Worlds Collide in two weeks.

Moments earlier, we saw the dramatic conclusion to the war between the leaders of Imperium and Gallus that had become about so much more than simply the WWE UK Championship. It was about The Iron King having spent the past year feeling reduced to a self-described “afterthought” following WALTER’s arrival.

That bitterness fueled Coffey, who brought a strength WALTER has rarely run into during his dominant reign as champion. The Ring General also came prepared with his signature hard-hitting repertoire, however, blistering Coffey’s chest with ruthless slaps, chops and clubbing blows.

The Iron King also caught some bad luck, downing WALTER with a powerbomb late in the match — but the referee was nowhere in the ring to count the pin after being taken out with the defending champion’s errant dropkick moments earlier. That led to a chaotic sequence with Alexander Wolfe interfering on behalf of his Imperium comrade before being fought off by Ilja Dragunov.

Dragunov’s Torpedo Moscow sent Wolfe crashing into the left knee of Coffey, adding further to the immense damage he had already suffered. The Ring General finished Coffey off with a powerbomb before slapping on a modified sleeper hold that left the battered Iron King with little choice but to tap out.

The rest of Imperium joined WALTER in the ring to celebrate before being ambushed in lightning-quick fashion by The Undisputed ERA. Landing the formidable first blow before Worlds Collide, NXT Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly took down WALTER with their patented high-low combination before NXT Champion Adam Cole blasted him with The Last Shot. Message sent and delivered.

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