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Friday, Dec 9 | 10/9 PMC

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Friday, Dec 9 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: Dec. 9, 2022

Odyssey Jones def. Damon Kemp

Though Damon Kemp boasts a nasty mean streak and a sizeable experience advantage over Odyssey Jones, there is simply no way to prepare yourself for a bout against the gargantuan competitor.

Kemp did his best to cut the big man down to size, ripping and tearing at Jones’ arm and even yanking it into the top rope while jumping to the ringside floor. Jones eventually turned the tables by powering out of a submission hold and sending Kemp soaring into the air and falling stomach-first to the canvas.

“Big O,” who missed most of 2022 with a major knee injury, continued his inspiring comeback tour with a ring-shaking side slam for the three-count.

Sol Ruca def. Valentina Feroz

Sol Ruca and Valentina Feroz each received a warm welcome from the NXT Arena and shared a nod of respect prior to the bell, but that’s where the pleasantries ended.

In an intense, fast-paced bout, Ruca landed the first big blow when Feroz attempted a sunset flip from the apron into the ring, only for Ruca to sidestep her and send her crashing back-first into the mat.

Feroz responded with several stiff strikes and backed Ruca into the corner, but Ruca came back with a jaw-dropping move that could best be described as a second-rope backflip RKO: Ruca hopped onto the middle rope, launched herself into a backflip, grabbed Feroz by the head on the way down and spiked her into the canvas to earn the win.

Trick Williams def. Ikemen Jiro

Ikemen Jiro and Trick Williams don’t seem to have much in common except for one all-important trait: They’re both supremely confident.

At the bell, Williams vowed to remove the jacket from Jiro, who simply grinned from ear to ear, goaded him to try, and frustrated his less experienced opponent by out-grappling him in the early goings – all while refusing to allow Williams to get his hands on his jacket.

Jiro seemed to be closing in on the win when landed several wicked Jacket Punches and a second-rope moonsault, but Williams narrowly kicked out and secured the victory when he blocked an Irish whip and followed up with the decisive Trick Kick.