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Friday, Nov 25 | 10/9 PMC

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Friday, Nov 25 | 10/9 PMC

NXT Level Up Results : Quick Hits

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NXT Level Up results: Nov. 25, 2022

Xyon Quinn def. Tank Ledger

Having recently come up just short against Oro Mensah in a match that could have gone either way, Xyon Quinn was hellbent on taking out his frustration on intriguing newcomer Tank Ledger.

Ledger, who entered at 1-1 in his WWE career after teaming up with Ikemen Jiro to defeat Bryson Montana and Duke Hudson before losing to Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo in singles competition, brought the NXT Arena to a fever pitch with a ring-shaking hip toss.

Quinn, however, shook off some early punishment to take down his opponent with a unique slam before clobbering him with a running forearm for the three-count.

Elektra Lopez def. Amari Miller

If her recent showings against Sol Ruca on NXT 2.0 as well as Amari Miller on NXT Level Up tonight are any indication, Elektra Lopez clearly means business.

The no-nonsense competitor used a methodical pace to keep her athletic foe grounded, but Miller eventually found a glimmer of hope when she blasted Lopez with some stinging elbows and a wicked knee to the face. Her rally was short-circuited, however, when she soared off the top rope and was met with knees to the midsection.

And though there were bubbles from Miller’s entrance still hanging in the NXT Arena for most of the match, Lopez nevertheless claimed the win after planting Miller with the Electric Shock.

Damon Kemp def. Dante Chen

One of the most despised competitors in WWE, Damon Kemp was greeted by a rousing chorus of boos from the first note of his entrance music.

Kemp, who got into a nasty rivalry with The Creed Brothers after trying to dismantle Diamond Mine from the inside, put his technical prowess on full display in the early goings before disrespecting Chen by lightly smacking him in the back of the head several times after a takedown.

Perhaps buoyed by the fans chanting his name, Chen dodged a neckbreaker attempt and connected with a vicious pump kick to the jaw, but Kemp caught Chen in midair, hurled him over his head with a suplex and landed an innovative slam to seal the victory.