10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

There are plenty of tag teams who left a permanent mark on sports-entertainment history. Whether it’s The Road Warriors, Demolition or The New Age Outlaws, certain names are always the first to pop up in heated debates about the best duos.

But just because some teams aren’t fresh on the minds of fans, doesn’t mean they weren’t awe-inspiring in their day. That’s why WWEClassics.com went back in time to find 10 totally awesome teams that you completely forgot about.

Whether they were pummeling the competition with brute strength or wowing fans with their blazing speed and technical abilities, these are 10 teams you need to know about, presented by Escape Plan, on Blu-Ray and DVD Feb. 4.

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Southern Justice

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

There’s a saying that goes, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Well, it turns out you can put two pig farmers in suits and make them look like the baddest dudes in WWE. That’s exactly what Jeff Jarrett and Tennessee Lee did in summer 1998.

The two needed a little muscle to solve their problems, and found it in the farmers from Bitters, ARK. Transformed from Henry and Phineas Godwinn into Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight, the pig wranglers underwent a complete makeover, both in style and attitude.

Watch Canterbury & Knight take on The Headbangers

The duo, now known as Southern Justice, traded in their overalls for sharp suits and sunglasses, as well as mean streaks a mile wide. Canterbury and Knight demolished anyone who got in Jarrett’s way. That included Tennessee Lee, who got a taste of Southern Justice’s boots on his way out of WWE.

The Pitbulls

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

Sometimes, all you need to succeed in sports-entertainment is a little animal instinct. That much can be said for The Pitbulls, who mauled the competition in ECW like the vicious dogs they took their names from.

Known simply as Pitbull #1 and Pitbull #2, the rabid pair were built like tanks and knew how to use their strength to their advantage. Pitbull #1 found success in the singles ranks, capturing the ECW Television Title, before joining up with #2 to dominate the tag team ranks.

With the beautiful Francine in their corner, The Pitbulls began to tear up the locker room.  Raven and Stevie Richards’ mind games had no effect on the canine competitors, who defeated them for the ECW Tag Team Titles. After losing the titles, Pitbull #2 won the Television Championship himself, proving that The Pitbulls couldn’t be handled in both singles and tag team competition.

Watch The Pitbulls take on Raven & Stevie Richards

Power & Glory

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

The duo of Hercules & Paul Roma looked like the next sure thing in WWE’s tag team ranks. The unbridled power of the chain-wielding Hercules and Roma’s finesse made for a perfect pair. Under the guidance of Slick, they appeared to be well on their way to becoming World Tag Team Champions.

They wrestled like it, too. Calling themselves Power & Glory, Hercules and Roma had a new fire that thrust them to the forefront of WWE. With a breathtaking top-rope finisher dubbed The Powerplex, the pair set their sights on The Rockers. In their first major pay-per-view bout, Power & Glory demolished the overmatched duo, sending  Shawn Michaels out on a stretcher while they picked the bones of Marty Jannetty.

See the devastating Powerplex | Watch Power & Glory take on The Rockers at SummerSlam 1990

Unfortunately for Hercules & Roma, the arrival of  The Road Warriors in WWE pushed Power & Glory down the tag team pecking order. Who knows what could have happened if the duo had reached their full potential?


10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

On their own,  Brian Adams and Bryan Clark were vicious competitors. Together, they were nearly unstoppable. Joining forces in the name of collecting as much money as possible, the team known as Kronik acted as hired guns in the dying days of WCW.

When they weren’t busy counting their greenbacks, Adams & Clark were smoking the competition in WCW’s tag team ranks. A vicious double chokeslam the two titans called High Times ensured that the pair often found victory.

Watch Kronik win the WCW Tag Team Titles

Kronik captured the WCW Tag Team Titles on two occasions before the promotion was bought by WWE in 2001. Though their run in WWE might not have been memorable, Kronik’s domination was certainly one of the bright spots of the end of WCW.

The Lightning Express

Lightning Express vs. local competitors: World Championship Wrestling, Aug. 22, 1987

The Lightning Express uses quick tags to knock off their opponents.

The tag team of Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner should be more well-known than they are. Unfortunately, The Lightning Express got lost in the mix as the territory system collapsed.

Armstrong could wrestle with the best of them and Horner was one of the premier junior heavyweight wrestlers in the country. Together, they found plenty of success in Georgia Championship Wrestling and Jim Crockett Promotions, lighting up the southeastern United States with red-hot rivalries over the NWA United States Tag Team Titles.

Watch more of Brad Armstrong in action

The Lightning Express was a centerpiece of Bill Watt’s expansion, as Mid-South Wrestling turned to the Universal Wrestling Federation in 1987. They won the promotion's Tag Team Titles from the formidable duo of Rick Steiner & Sting before battling teams like The Midnight Express. By the summer, however, Watts sold his company to Jim Crockett and left Armstrong & Horner in the lurch. The pair returned to the NWA, but the duo got lost in the tag team-heavy territory.

Faces of Fear

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

At any other point in WCW’s history, Meng & The Barbarian would have been the most dominant tag team in the company. The pairing of one of the most feared men in wrestling and an equally tough partner should have taken WCW by storm. Unfortunately for The Faces of Fear, it was a case of right place, wrong time.

Meng's Alumni profile | The most badass wrestler stories

The duo broke out from the silly ranks of The Dungeon of Doom as a team to be truly feared. Meng’s vicious Tongan Death Grip, The Barbarian’s devastating strikes and the cunning of Jimmy Hart meant few teams could handle the monstrous pair.

Watch The Faces of Fear demolish The Rock 'n' Roll Express and The Public Enemy

However, just as The Faces of Fear were on the brink of becoming one of WCW’s top teams, The New World Order burst onto the scene. Though Meng & The Barbarian would have loved to have taken on the massive stable, the numbers game was simply not in their favor.

Vicious & Delicious

Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs. Vicious & Delicious: Nitro, July 7, 1997

N.W.O members Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell take care of a bickering Guerrero family.

Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton complemented each other perfectly. Bagwell was so over-the-top and outlandish that he needed a big, silent ass-kicker like Scott “Flash” Norton to watch his back. Buff even had the perfect name for this unlikely team: Vicious & Delicious.

The pairing seemed tailor-made to skyrocket to the top of WCW’s tag team ranks. Bagwell spewed enough vitriol to throw any team off their game before Norton came in and steamrolled over them. That’s pretty much how it went for the opposition in Vicious & Delicious’ early days.

However, Norton’s commitments to New Japan Pro Wrestling meant he was overseas more than he was waiting for the tag from Buff. While many expected great things for Bagwell & Norton, the reality of the situation meant Vicious & Delicious was little more than a part-time team.

The Blue Bloods

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

William Regal, looking to make a run at the WCW Tag Team Titles, found himself searching for a partner in early 1995. He found one in “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, after a hard-fought singles contest between the two. There was only one problem: the Alabama native disgusted Regal.

So, Regal set out to turn Eaton into a perfect British gentleman. A series of vignettes straight out of “My Fair Lady” ended with the Queen knighting the decorated wrestler as Earl Robert Eaton. The newly prim and proper Eaton could match Regal hold-for-hold, making them a menacing team.

See the transformed "Earl Robert" in action with William Regal

The Blue Bloods mixed it up with WCW’s top stars, like  Sting & Ric Flair, as well as teams like Harlem Heat. Though many fans thought it was inevitable the entertaining pair would capture WCW's crown jewel, it was not in the cards for Regal & Eaton.

The Headhunters

The Headhunters attack Owen Hart, The British Bulldog & The Headbangers: Raw, June 30, 1997

Jim Cornette sends the savage Headhunters to take out WWE's best tag teams.

If you cloned WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah the Butcher, you’d probably end up with The Headhunters. The massive duo terrorized teams from Japan to Puerto Rico to Mexico and everywhere in between, including ECW.

It only made sense that the brutal pair would eventually make their way to WWE. They made their debut during the 1996 Royal Rumble Match. Redubbed The Squat Team, the duo made little impact before being tossed.

The Headhunters resurfaced in WWE 18 months later, briefly appearing on Raw as The Arabian Butchers. The two acted as mercenaries out to do Jim Cornette’s dirty work after the tennis racket-wielding loudmouth was dumped by Owen Hart & British Bulldog.

The Skyscrapers

10 totally awesome tag teams you completely forgot about

Teddy Long’s first foray into managing wrestlers was a huge success. Pairing the gigantic Sid with the equally huge Dan Spivey was a stroke of genius on Long’s part. The titanic team was called The Skyscrapers, and Long looked to have a hit on his hands.

Sid & Spivey quickly rose through the ranks of the NWA, winning Battle Royals, destroying duos like The Dynamic Dudes and leaving the fans in awe of their capabilities. It was widely assumed that The Skyscrapers would tangle with the NWA’s top teams, The Steiners and The Road Warriors.

Watch The Skyscrapers tower over the competition

The Skyscrapers brawled with Rick & Scott Steiner at Clash of the Champions in November 1989. In the midst of an unbelievable scrap, Doom ran in and caused a disqualification. Unfortunately for Long, the brawl was so devastating that it left Sid injured with a punctured lung. A replacement Skyscraper was brought in, but the magic could not be recaptured. Spivey left the NWA shortly after, and Long ditched the Skyscrapers idea to take Doom under his wing.

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