The 8 most mysterious locations in WWE history

The 8 most mysterious locations in WWE history

There are locations synonymous with WWE that are etched in immortality, such as Madison Square Garden, WWE Headquarters and several others. However, there are also locations closely associated with WWE that are a little more mysterious, sometimes a little strange as well. With that, take a look as examines the eight most mysterious locations in WWE history.

The Hardy Compound – “Woken” Matt Hardy

Bray Wyatt's fate is sealed on The Lake of Reincarnation - The Ultimate Deletion: Raw, March 19, 2018: Raw, March 19, 2018

The Ultimate Deletion concludes in bewildering fashion.

Sometimes, the mysterious can also be… WONDERFUL!

Yes, although only introduced to the WWE Universe this year, The Hardy Compound in which “Woken” Matt Hardy and his clan reside is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and bizarre locations in WWE history.

Whether it be such hotspots as The Lake of Reincarnation or The Land of Obsolete Men, the 2018 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner’s massive estate is seemingly a living, breathing entity all its own. Add in the human variables (shout-outs to Señor Benjamin!) that can pop up out of nowhere while visiting the infamous Compound and, suddenly, you don’t just have a mystery on your hands; there’s also a shiver down your spine you desperately wish you could delete. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

The Bottomless Pit — The Boogeyman

The 8 most mysterious locations in WWE history

The Boogeyman had plenty of weird features and habits: the strange face paint, the eerie gyrations, the clock-smashing. Oh yeah, there was the whole worm-eating thing, too.

But the one thing that had us extra perplexed about Boogeyman is his hometown, The Bottomless Pit. We’re not accusing The Boogeyman of being a liar — we just need to know how the hell he got out of there.

If the pit was indeed bottomless, The Boogeyman must be a ridiculously good rock climber to scale the never-ending ditch. That alone makes him even scarier than before. — BOBBY MELOK

Death Valley – The Undertaker

The Undertaker's druids visit Death Valley: SmackDown, August 17, 2007

Venture deep into Death Valley as The Phenom's druids carry torches to a desert burial site.

We imagine that Death Valley doesn’t play host to too many game nights.

The iconic hometown of The Undertaker, Death Valley is firmly entrenched in WWE lore. Whether it be the backdrop for The Phenom’s rise with Paul Bearer, his unforgettable saga with Kane that came to light during the Attitude Era or simply the setting for many of The Deadman’s most chilling messages to his opponents, Death Valley is as mysterious as it is ominous… and that’s just how The Undertaker likes it. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

The Iron Gates of Fate — “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan

The 8 most mysterious locations in WWE history

The Beantown accent of Boston tough guy Kevin Sullivan was so apparent that he’d have little trouble landing a role in Ben Affleck’s next movie. But the dependably bizarre Sullivan never let his Massachusetts roots stop him from billing himself from Singapore, The Conch Republic and, in his most inspired turn of phrase, The Iron Gates of Fate.

Unless The Iron Gates of Fate were situated in some uncharted area of Southie, it’s hard to believe that Sullivan ever passed through them. Still, with all the leprechauns, man sharks and unfrozen mummies that surrounded the man in his most manic WCW days, his hometown was the least bizarre part of his presentation. — RYAN MURPHY

Parts Unknown – The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior tells Hulk Hogan to "crash the plane" in an interview: 1990

Ultimate Warrior orders Hulk Hogan to hold nothing back in preparation of their clash at WrestleMania 6.

It was always assumed that when a Superstar was billed from Parts Unknown, his geographical location was simply, as the name suggested, unknown.

However, in 1990, WWE Hall of Famer and Parts Unknown’s most beloved son The Ultimate Warrior changed the game when he delivered one of the most memorable soliloquies in WWE history. During this diatribe, Warrior promised to (among other things) win the WWE Championship and take it back to Parts Unknown, leaving the WWE Universe to ask one collective question: Parts Unknown is an actual place?

However, unsurprisingly, not much intel was ever unearthed on Parts Unknown, which makes it one of the ultimate mystery locations in WWE history because, well, by its very design it’s unattainable and, you know, unknowable. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

Nastyville — The Nasty Boys

The Nasty Boyz

Far from the reaches of anything puritan and placid, Nastyville was the epitome of all things, well, nasty! The town claimed plenty of dirty denizens, but two unlawful abiding citizens became Nastyville’s pride and joy.

Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags proudly represented their crumbling community as The Nasty Boys throughout their wrestling career. When they weren’t stomping teams like The Hart Foundation and Harlem Heat in the ring, Knobbs and Sags were stomping down Nastyville’s most dangerous streets. It’s not the kind of place you’d want to visit, but we’d love to see the pigeon-covered pair of bronze statues dedicated to the team that put Nastyville on the map! — HOWARD FINKEL

The Wyatt Compound – Bray Wyatt

The New Day and The Wyatts brawl at The Wyatt Family Compound: Raw, July 11, 2016

The New Day bravely venture to The Wyatt Family Compound where all-out mayhem erupts with The Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt’s famous word of advice is to “Run,” but just make sure you’re not directionally challenged, as running toward The Wyatt Compound is probably not the wisest of ideas.

Since The Wyatt Compound is possibly the most chilling location in WWE history, the WWE Universe has witnessed several unforgettable incidents that have taken place on The Eater of Worlds’ sacred ground. Whether it be glimpses into the early days of The Wyatt Family’s rise, the time The New Day challenged Bray and his faithful followers on the compound or when Randy Orton infiltrated the sanctum and burned Wyatt’s cabin to extinguish Sister Abigail’s spirit forever (or so we thought), The Wyatt Compound is as memorable as it is maniacal. — RYAN PAPPOLLA

The Penalty Box — The Goon

The 8 most mysterious locations in WWE history

As a pro hockey hooligan, The Goon racked up enough penalty minutes on the ice that it would have made sense for the enforcer to take up permanent residence in the sin bin. So he did.

While most icemen would be a little claustrophobic being stuck there for more than two minutes, The Goon was at home in The Penalty Box. Since his wrestling and hockey gear were one and the same, he didn’t need a ton of space, and we imagine rent is cheap in a box barely big enough to stretch out in.

Still, we’re dying to know whether The Goon’s pad came with a doorman. — BOBBY MELOK

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