The 10 best Twitter accounts in WWE

The 10 best Twitter accounts in WWE

These days, being a WWE completist is all but impossible unless you’re on the electric Twitter machine, where Superstars have been known to break news, break character and break hearts across their feed just as efficiently as they perform in the ring. Each Twitter feed has its own unique quirks and perks, but some just remain a cut above for insight, heart and pure entertainment value. These are the 10 follows we recommend most.


Xavier Woods (@XavierWoodsPhD)

Woods vs. Otis vs. Bryan

Big E is excited for all three New Day members to be champions at the same time.

Nothing can prepare you for the anything-goes smorgasbord that is Xavier Woods’ Twitter feed. First of all, he wins the Internet for his profile picture. Secondly, he jumps for joy like a kid on Christmas whenever he’s looking forward to a landmark event, including the King of the Ring tournament, Dragon Con, an UpUpDownDown Championship Match or even the chance to win a lifetime supply of Klondike bars.

Most importantly, Xavier’s tweets ooze with good vibes and are certain lift anyone’s spirits, and even the coldest of hearts might at least chuckle or crack a smile when visiting his page. Through Twitter, Woods proves that The Power of Positivity isn’t just a tagline; it’s a lifestyle, and it shows through in each and every tweet. And his GIF game is always on point. — JON CHIK



Karl Anderson (@KarlAndersonWWE)

Ricochet vs. Gallows

For all the good brotherin’ he’s done across multiple continents, Karl Anderson’s Twitter feed is surprisingly low-key, full of shout-outs to his past in Japan (Hey Maria), FaceTimes with his kids and candids of his legendary “Hot Asian Wife,” all delivered in a locker room lingo you won’t understand unless you made five towns in three days crammed into a pickup truck bed with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in 1987.

But it’s because and not despite all of this that the former Raw Tag Team Champion remains an essential follow: He comes across as your cool neighborhood dad, albeit with an extremely weird job that he can’t help but bring home with him … though not so much he ever loses sight of the reason he became a fall-down man in the first place. — ANTHONY BENIGNO



Lacey Evans (@LaceyEvansWWE)

The 10 best Twitter accounts in WWE

Social media can be a toxic place, and Lacey Evans is determined to clean it up, one “Nasty” at a time. From trolling Twitter grammar police to educating her followers on the true meaning of class, The Sassy Southern Belle has made herself a must-follow based on her, well, sass alone. She’s even gone toe-to-toe with Becky Lynch on Twitter, which is no easy task, as countless Superstars will tell you. Indeed, if you head into her mentions without proper etiquette, you’ll be handled #LikeALady. Naturally. —JAMES WORTMAN




The 10 best Twitter accounts in WWE

You don’t understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to deal with trials and tribulations like sitting in traffic while your pre-workout wears off, getting a rental car that isn’t a convertible, or mild dehydration at the happiest place on earth, Matt Hardy is more than happy to let you know on his Twitter account.

But underneath the gripes and despair, something else seems to be lurking within Hardy. A metamorphosis, if you will. We recommend grabbing a hearty plate of green beans, pulling up the feed, and getting ready to #FreeTheDelete. – BOBBY MELOK



Matt Riddle (@SuperKingofBros)

Riddle vs. Strong

Matt Riddle takes in the atmosphere at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn.

Matt Riddle is a beacon of authenticity in a sea of Twitter bots and accounts that belong to real humans that project spurious lifestyles in the interest of collecting likes.

The Original Bro’s tweets vacillate between Jeff Spicoli-like zen and gladiatorial antagonism, but one constant remains: Whether he’s badgering Brock Lesnar for a fight, critiquing Goldberg’s ground game or sharing a photo of his WWE Performance Center locker (spoiler: it contains a jar of queso and trading cards of Greg Valentine and Brian Knobbs), each tweet rings true. You might not always agree with Riddle’s Twitter game, but there’s no denying it’s the genuine article. — JOHN CLAPP



Malcolm Bivens (@Malcolmvelli)

The 10 best Twitter accounts in WWE

If you’re not up to date with the latest NXT signings, you might have missed Malcolm Bivens, the notorious manager who went by Stokely Hathaway in the indies, even showing up here at all. But it’s worth your time to catch up: Bivens’ feed is a demented pileup of hustle upon hustle, whether he’s trying to worm his way into the good graces of seven-foot giant Jordan Omogbehin by letting him eat his cheesecake, sell black-market Popeye’s chicken sandwiches at the Performance Center or purchase Austin Theory’s EVOLVE Championship with an IOU. Of course, Bivens inevitably sees his schemes blow up in his face. But the joy is in watching him shake it off and try again, convinced as ever that today is the day he finally gets the bag. — ANTHONY BENIGNO



Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick)


For a long time, Drake Maverick had the most professional Twitter account in WWE: A by-the-books feed dedicated largely to the promotion of his managerial endeavors with 205 Live and AOP. And then, the 24/7 Championship was unveiled, and the page became a full-on, crowd-sourced manhunt.

Flyers were printed. Disguises were commissioned. EC3 got involved, somehow. The introduction of Renee Maverick only complicated manners, as her wifely disapproval of Maverick’s lust for the championship turned into a kind of Faustian test of manhood, wherein she refused to consummate the marriage unless Drake had the title. But even as the indignities pile up and the dry spell continues, it’s hard not to root for the guy: Everyone among us has wondered if we can have it all; count Drake among the very few who seem determined to do so, at any and all costs. — ANTHONY BENIGNO​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight)

Owens vs. Shane

Kevin Owens on Twitter is the living, modern-day, Montrealer, social media age equivalent of a grizzled O.G. yelling “get off my lawn” to a bunch of young punks. And I love it. So dang much.

KO is truly next-level savage on Twitter, going as far as to call out everyone from WWE Universe members to WWE personnel to ‘90s icon Melissa Joan Hart … and then blocking her. Bruh, he blocked Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Off that alone, Owens is clearly the best Superstar tweeter and is a no-brainer follow. Just be careful not to irritate the man once you get on his virtual lawn. He will block you, and I will then write the article about how absolutely hilarious that is. — RYAN PAPPOLLA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Becky Lynch (@BeckyLynchWWE)

Becky & Flair & Lacey

When Becky Lynch first arrived in WWE, her Twitter was a destination for cute puns and chatter about the quinoa in catering, but once she transformed into The Man, it became a spot to roast anyone foolish enough to try her.

No Superstar in the locker room wants to see their name in a tweet by The Man, because more often than not, it means she owned them. It’s not limited to rivals like Ronda Rousey or Charlotte Flair. Lynch has even destroyed her fiancé Seth Rollins over his “adorable little flame trunks.” She’s like @Wendys: red-headed, sarcastic and making rivals salty. — JEFF LABOON​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Oney Lorcan (@_StarDESTROYER)

Gulak vs. Lorcan

Oney Lorcan is not only one of the most intense Superstars inside the squared circle, but his all-caps Tweets about “kicking a**” take him to another reality of rage-fueled Internet usage that even bots and troll farms don’t have the bandwidth to match.

Without mincing words, Lorcan tweets about what he’s going to do to his rivals and his passion for fighting. During SummerSlam weekend, Lorcan tweeted that he camped out under a park bench to prepare for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match and followed up the tweets with an actual video of his emerging from under the bench to speak about the match. The Boston Brawler’s Twitter feed isn’t all trash talk though; he’s also been known to photoshopOney Rules” on other Superstars’ T-shirts and share photos of his grizzled father, who bribes Oney with llamas and issues paternal reminders that he can kick Oney’s, well, you know. — KEVIN POWERS


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