Lacey Evans: Bio

Lacey Evans

“The Lady of WWE” Lacey Evans mixes the glamour of a pin-up model with the discipline of a warrior.

After growing up in a broken home where everything she owned was shared with her seven siblings, Evans joined the U.S. Marines, graduating with honors from Fort Leonard Hood and serving as military police and on the Special Reaction Team. While still in the service, she opened a construction company, housed and employed three of her siblings, and along with her husband, began the journey of raising a daughter.

Inspired to pursue sports-entertainment after watching a staff sergeant compete at a local event, Evans cut her teeth in southeastern U.S. independents before signing with the WWE Performance Center in April 2016. She has steadily worked her way up NXT’s ladder ever since, wrestling in the inaugural Mae Young Classic as well as the 2019 Royal Rumble Match, and ruthlessly punishing her peers in NXT’s acclaimed Women’s division.

After doing little more than strutting down the entrance ramp during her first several weeks on Raw -- only to immediately make her exit -- Evans finally made her move by engaging in a brawl with Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch, and the two were at each other's throats for weeks after the melee.

“Nasties” beware: Now that she’s moved on to Raw, Lacey Evans is out to prove what it means to be a “Lady.”

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