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Tuesday, Feb 9 | 9/8 PMC

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Red & Gold on the rocks

It’s all about women helping women on this week’s “Total Divas,” as our girls find solace and solidarity in each other’s support as the drama around their respective lives begins to build. Mandy Rose, for one, picks up right where she left off in forming a tentative alliance with Eva Marie, but she takes earnestness one step a little too far when she reveals she asked around as to why Eva had a negative reputation in the first place. Of course, it was all in the name of honesty, but Eva’s still put off, so Mandy has to apologize and Red & Gold 2.0 is back on.


Alicia does some digging

Alicia Fox’s two amigas, Paige and Rosa Mendes, circle the wagons instantly when they discover a few sketchy lies that Alicia’s new boyfriend has been spinning. None of the lies are dealbreakers per se, though they come awfully close, and Alicia’s so gun shy over men that she nearly breaks up with the dude. Paige and Rosa back off when they realize just how much Alicia seems to like him, but during girl time, Paige lets slip that she’s unsure about her future with Kevin.


Nikki's new look

After volunteering with Maria Shriver at Best Buddies International, Nikki Bella’s inner lioness emerges as she agrees to take a public speaking engagement. Two problems: One, Nikki is stricken with stage fright, and two, Brie Bella has taken up the role of “dream crusher,” implying that Nikki’s presentation — highlighted hair and low-cut dresses — won’t exactly scream “girl power” so much as “phony” to an audience of women. Their mother sets Brie straight almost instantly, John Cena rallies for support and The Fearless One goes ahead and crushes it during her speech.


Coming up Feb. 16

Can Eva Marie and Mandy Rose's friendship last? Tune into "Total Divas" next Tuesday at 9/8 on E!.