Dory Funk Jr. do-si-dos with No Way Jose and Roderick Strong at NXT Live Event

When he’s not knocking an opponent’s teeth down his throat, No Way Jose operates with pure joy, the sort of next-level merriment that enraptures everyone in its presence, even a hardened ring purist like Dory Funk Jr.

The WWE Hall of Famer and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion got swept up in Jose and Roderick Strong’s in-ring fiesta last weekend at an NXT Live Event in Ocala, Fla., not far from Funk’s own wrestling conservatory. (In addition to being a decorated competitor in his own right, Funk has famously trained many of the ring’s greats, ranging from 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Angle to current NXT Superstar Wesley Blake.)

WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr. dances with No Way Jose and Roderick Strong

Former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr. goes 'round and 'round with two of NXT's elite during a recent Live Event in Ocala, Fla.

What ensued was a sight that nobody who remembers Funk’s drag-down wars with The Sheik and Abdullah the Butcher could ever imagine: As Jose’s infectious entrance theme blared, he, Funk and Strong took turns cutting a rug. Funk grooved out a semi-circle, but instead of grabbing a foot for a spinning toe hold — as he was wont to do during his four-year World Title reign — the ring legend locked arms with Jose and proceeded to do-si-do!

Heartwarming though it was, the scene will be much different for No Way Jose Wednesday night, when he returns to action on WWE Network for the first time in more than two months to take on the Superstar who helped put him on the shelf, SAnitY’s monstrous Killian Dain.

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