Breezango def. The Forgotten Sons

Breezango def. The Forgotten Sons

TORONTO — Despite gusty headwinds — ranging from concerns of ring rust for Fandango to the dangers of an ill-tempered Jaxson Ryker lurking around ringside — nothing could stop Fandango & Tyler Breeze from rolling to victory against The Forgotten Sons on the first stop of the Breezango reunion tour.

Competing in his first match on TV since undergoing shoulder surgery more than 13 months ago, Fandango glided about the ring with finesse and vigor, immediately quashing any fears that he was returning at anything less than 100 percent. Even though Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler managed to inflict damage — especially on Breeze, whose spine they bent like a paper clip — their veteran opponents kept their composure throughout. As for Ryker, he landed an effective cheap shot behind the referee’s back early on but got greedy and was caught trying to interfere again late in the match, resulting in his ejection from ringside.

In the bout’s waning moments, Fandango wiped out Blake & Cutler with a long-distance dive over the top rope that brought the NXT fans to their feet. The dancing Superstar then sandwiched Blake with a slingshot elbow drop while the burly brawler was laid across Breeze’s knees. The three-count came seconds later, followed by plenty of celebratory hip-shaking.

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