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Friday, Sep 24 | 10/9 PMC

WWE 205 Live Results : Quick Hits

WWE 205 Live Results : Full Details


WWE 205 Live results: Sept. 24, 2021

Xyon Quinn def. Oney Lorcan

If you’re searching for a straight-up fist fight, look no further than Oney Lorcan.

The take-no-prisoners brawler has spent years earning his reputation as one of the ultimate no-nonsense Superstars in all of WWE … which is what made it so surprising that rookie Xyon Quinn decisively beat him at his own game.

Quinn, who already boasted wins over Boa and Andre Chase, prevailed in a highly physical contest, clobbering Lorcan with an inverted atomic drop, a clothesline and a Samoan drop in rapid succession. With Lorcan in dire straits, Quinn added the exclamation point with a stiff forearm to the jaw for the win.

Ikemen Jiro def. Malik Blade

New opponent, same approach for Ikemen Jiro.

Arguably the flashiest and most popular Superstar on the purple brand, Jiro began his match against Malik Blade by cartwheeling around the ring and, of course, sporting one of his colorful red-and-yellow jackets while competing.

Blade, who impressed the WWE Universe despite coming up short in his match against Boa on NXT 2.0, caught fire and nearly scored an upset when he blasted Jiro with a clothesline and soared off the top rope with an incredible crossbody that yielded a two-count.

Jiro, however, got back on the attack and connected flush with the decisive Ikemen Slash.

Ember Moon def. Cora Jade

Ember Moon recently talked about how she needed to find a new approach, and the former NXT Women’s Champion was hellbent on snapping her four-match losing streak during her first-ever singles match on the purple brand.

The Shenom backed up her words, not hesitating to trash talk after sending Cora Jade to the canvas. Moments later, Moon showed off a newfound aggression by knocking Jade into the corner and unloading with a series of series of fists and stomps before finally being restrained by the official.

The 20-year-old Jade, who sported a backward pink baseball cap and rode a skateboard to the ring, staggered her foe by bounding off the middle rope and swinging Moon to the mat with a hurricanrana, but a seemingly frustrated Moon quickly regained the upper hand against her less experienced opponent.

Moon could have taken a count-out win, but she instead rolled Jade back into the ring, kicked out of a desperation small package, and hit a powerbomb and an impressive slam before finishing the job with the Eclipse.