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Friday, Sep 10 | 10/9 PMC

WWE 205 Live Results : Quick Hits

WWE 205 Live Results : Full Details


WWE 205 Live results: Sept. 10, 2021

Valentina Feroz def. Katrina Cortez

Valentina Feroz certainly didn’t have the look of someone making her first appearance on 205 Live.

Bouncing around the ring with the poise and confidence of a seasoned veteran, Feroz claimed the early upper hand before being stymied by a vicious back elbow from Cortez, who trash-talked her foe and followed up with a savage kick to the back and an innovative slam.

Showing impressive resiliency, Feroz fought through the pain, wiggled free from a painful Boston crab and connected with a picture-perfect DDT for the win.

Odyssey Jones & Trey Baxter def. Joe Gacy & Josh Briggs

Having each picked up a singles win over the other in a pair of heavyweight slugfests in recent weeks, Josh Briggs and Joe Gacy seemed mistrusting of one another before their opponents even made their entrances.

Teaming for the first time ever, Odyssey Jones and Trey Baxter had no such issues, despite Jones eliminating Baxter in the semifinals of the recent NXT Breakout Tournament. The two even joined forces for an exciting double team maneuver, as Jones lifted the hard-charging Baxter up and over the top rope to send him crashing onto Gacy at ringside.

Baxter soon found himself isolated from his partner and absorbing several clubbing blows from his opponents, but he finally dodged Gacy’s kick attempt and made a diving tag to Jones.

Jones hit the ring like he was fired out of a cannon, staggering Gacy and Briggs with rapid-fire strikes and slams before teaming up with Baxter for a double splash on Gacy. Briggs tried to intervene, but Jones scooped him up and slammed him into the canvas, and he and his partner both covered Briggs for the 1-2-3.