Austin Aries def. Noam Dar

Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar: Raw, March 27, 2017

A-Double battles The Scottish Supernova, six nights before challenging Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in the WrestleMania Kickoff.

In six days, Austin Aries and Neville will both make their WrestleMania debuts, with Neville’s WWE Cruiserweight Title at stake. Aries, at least, will go into The Show of Shows with a full head of steam — literally. He barreled into Noam Dar with a running dropkick to the face only seconds into their match on Raw and didn’t let up. Despite a solid distraction from Alicia Fooooooox that set Dar up for a rollup pin, Aries kicked out of the pin attempt and blasted Dar with an elbow and the Discus Five-arm. Then, with Neville watching from commentary, Aries provided the cherry on top: the Last Chancery submission hold, to which Dar tapped almost instantly.

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