Exclusive interview: How Alexa Bliss went from dark horse to standard-bearer of the Raw Women’s division

Exclusive interview: How Alexa Bliss went from dark horse to standard-bearer of the Raw Women’s division

A year ago, you might not have known who Alexa Bliss was. During her time in the NXT Women’s division, she was a constant, if not overwhelming, presence down in Full Sail University, managing the NXT Tag Team Champions and occasionally targeting the NXT Women’s Title that the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch tussled over in a series of classic matches.

Then came the WWE Draft, where she was a late-round pick of SmackDown LIVE. Then came the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Then came another SmackDown Women’s Championship, one she carried into WrestleMania 33. Then came her relocation to the red brand in the Superstar Shake-up. Then came the Raw Women’s Championship.

Now, you most assuredly know who Alexa Bliss is, and it only took her a year to go from an under-the-radar sleeper pick to the top of the mountain as the first Superstar to hold both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. And to hear the self-proclaimed “Goddess of WWE” tell it, it was all part of the plan.

WWE.COM: You’re somebody who is super confident in your abilities — some would say to a fault. Even considering that, did you expect to rise so quickly through the Women’s division?

ALEXA BLISS: How dare you? Of course I expected to rise so quickly. I know what I’m capable of. Even though other people didn’t know, I was going to make sure they knew exactly who Alexa Bliss was, and I was going to make sure they never forgot it.

WWE.COM: When you were in WWE NXT, you never held the Women’s Title, and you weren’t atop the ranks like you are now. How was that transition from being a Superstar some people might not have known to one that everyone knows?

BLISS: I came in under the radar, and I made sure I used that to my advantage. The mentality I had was, “You don’t think I’m going to be anything big? Well, watch me.”

WWE.COM: You guided Blake & Murphy to the Tag Team Titles during your time in NXT. What was the balance between helping them and focusing on yourself?

BLISS: You know, it was a great time being with Blake & Murphy. I always made sure that, even if their matches weren’t going the way they wanted to, they went the way that I wanted to. And with that, it was pretty easy to take time separate from that and hone my craft in the ring. When it was time for me to get in the ring, I was ready.

WWE.COM: Let’s go to the WWE Draft. You were taken, but you were taken late. Were you surprised that you were drafted at all, or did you feel more slighted that you weren’t an earlier pick?

BLISS: I was definitely surprised I got drafted. But then, after thinking about it, I started wondering why I was drafted so late. That’s when I decided I was going to take every opportunity and run with it. I went, “OK, you want to draft me late? Watch me become the biggest star in this business.”

NXT's Alexa Bliss is drafted to SmackDown Live: WWE.com Exclusive, July 19, 2016

An emotional Alexa Bliss reacts to seeing herself drafted to SmackDown Live on WWE Network.

WWE.COM: Speaking of which, at what point did you really feel your momentum hit its stride and you started to hit your peak?

BLISS: When I put Becky through a table at TLC. That was the moment that showed I can do everything everyone thought I couldn’t, and I did it well, and I became the SmackDown Women’s Champion by putting the top girl through a table. What other people can say that?

WWE.COM: You dominated SmackDown LIVE; now you’re on Raw. What’s the transition been like? Are you happy, are you mad that you have to deal with new opponents, or do you not care because you have the title?

BLISS: Of course I’m happy. Why wouldn’t I be happy? I’m the Raw Women’s Champion.

WWE.COM: Having done so much already, what is next for you?

BLISS: I want to be the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion. And I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

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